Jim Irsay Is Now Being Subpoenaed to Testify in a Child Custody Battle

Jim Irsay Is Now Being Subpoenaed to Testify in a Child Custody Battle


Jim Irsay Is Now Being Subpoenaed to Testify in a Child Custody Battle

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Jim Irsay has been involved in some legal issues this year, and he will now be testifying in a custody battle in Martinsville, Indiana. A judge has ruled that Irsay must testify after being subpoenaed by Greg Martin, who alleges that Irsay has a relationship with his ex-wife Jami Martin and has purchased a house for her.

Irsay was arrested in March in Carmel, Indiana, operating a vehicle while impaired and in possession of controlled substances, and with $29,000 in cash.

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If the allegations from Martin are correct, there is a potential explanation for why Irsay was in that area. According to the request for subpoena, Irsay bought a home for Martin’s ex-wife in February in Carmel, and was arrested three blocks away from that home.

In March, Jami filed a motion to the court detailing the change of residence, claiming it was to “a larger home in a secure neighborhood” with “more community amenities.” She said it gave the kids “greater opportunities for education and social development.”

Greg Martin wants Irsay to testify in court about the environment that his teenage children are in when with his ex-wife and Irsay, saying “[a]s a father, I do not want my children subjected to this type of behavior and lifestyle, money does not buy morals or self-respect.”

This isn’t the first time that there has been reference to Irsay buying houses for women. In April, the Indy Star reported that Irsay had purchased a town home for a woman named Kimberly Wundrum, which was actually purchased by a trust controlled by Colts administrators and transferred to Wundrum last August. Wundrum died of an overdose in that house just a few weeks before Irsay’s March arrest.

There is nothing, on its face, with Irsay being called to testify in a custody dispute because he is involved with a woman who has children. What should be concerning is just how far all of this off the field stuff is co-mingled with Colts’ business (Did this Colts fund also purchase this house for a woman now in the middle of a domestic dispute that has pulled Irsay in?) and where it all ends.

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