Cavaliers Heavily Courting Mike Miller and Ray Allen

Cavaliers Heavily Courting Mike Miller and Ray Allen


Cavaliers Heavily Courting Mike Miller and Ray Allen


LeBron announced he’s going back to Cleveland and you know what’s next – time to fill out the roster with capable big men and experienced shooters. Cleveland drafted Joe Harris in the second round last month, and although he was a fine shooter at Virginia, he’s a rookie, which means the Cavs will want some veterans on the perimeter.

Enter Ray Allen and Mike Miller, two legendary three-point shooters – Allen is 1st in made 3-pointers in NBA history; Miller is 19th – who clearly want to follow LeBron to Cleveland and chase a title.

Can Cleveland afford them? That’s what Cavs GM David Griffin is currently attempting to accomplish (well, these two and Kevin Love, which might collectively be the greatest offseason haul in NBA history).

Nobody has any clue what Cleveland’s financials look like yet, because a) a breakdown of the LeBron numbers haven’t been released and 2) the Kyrie Irving numbers haven’t been released (though he has inked a 5-year, $90 million deal). Details of those should be released early next week.

But this is what it could look like:

PG – Irving/Dellavedova
SG – Wiggins/Waiters/Ray Allen/Joe Harris
SF – LeBron/Mike Miller
PF – Anthony Bennett/Dwight Powell
C – Tristan Thompson/Anderson Varejao/Brendan Haywood

That’s 13, although they are lacking in two spots – a stretch four (can Bennett be that guy after a horrendous rookie year?) and a shot-blocking center.

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