LeBron James Should Make More Money Playing Basketball

LeBron James Should Make More Money Playing Basketball


LeBron James Should Make More Money Playing Basketball


LeBron James signed a 2-year deal worth $42 million with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It turns out that coming home isn’t cheap. My parents would only have to pay me half that to get me to move home. That’s the difference between LeBron and myself – we’re both all about maximizing our earnings, but only he is able to do so. Where were we? Oh, yes – No more pay cuts for King James. From ESPN:

His new deal with the Cavs will pay him $20.6 million next season, the first time he will crest $20 million in what will be his 12th season in the league. By comparison, Kevin Garnett hit $20 million by his seventh season. Shaquille O’Neal reached $20 million in salary nine straight years. Kobe Bryant’s new contract assures him his seventh and eighth years of making $20-plus million.

With a salary cap there will always be a limit on his on-court earnings (Woj estimated he would earn $50-$60 million on the open market), but last season was the first time that LeBron was in the top 10 in the NBA in salary. Think about that for a moment. LeBron James, the four time regular season MVP and two-time NBA Finals MVP, has only made the max three out of his 11 seasons in the NBA. Fortunately he has millions in off-court earnings to fall back on. [King James of Kings by @RexDangerSeeker]

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