Johnny Manziel Didn't Do Anything Saturday Night, Apparently

Johnny Manziel Didn't Do Anything Saturday Night, Apparently


Johnny Manziel Didn't Do Anything Saturday Night, Apparently


Johnny Manziel, the always-in-the-news Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback, by all accounts enjoyed a quiet Saturday night in Berea, Ohio after the team’s second day of training camp. A cursory scan of Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media do not turn up any photos of the former Heisman trophy winner partying with pop stars, chilling out on inflatable swans, shooting of fireworks or hanging out with attractive co-eds. In fact Manziel hasn’t made a social media post in, gasp, five days!

As of 10:20 a.m. Sunday, Browns management had yet to issue any public statements about being “alarmed” by Manziel’s off-the-field behavior.

By noon we should expect the day’s first “unnamed player” or “source” to predict that Brian Hoyer, not Manziel, will be Cleveland’s starting quarterback on Sept. 7 vs. the Steelers.

The unofficial “Manziel Count”  on the ESPN family of networks today already sits at 648 — which is 648 more than the number of NFL passes Manziel has thrown.

The former Texas A&M star did, however, walk out to the field wearing neon Nike cleats for morning stretching pratice:

Oops, not so fast, it appears Manziel — hope you’re sitting down — changed cleats as practice went on!!!

SportsCenter might need to preempt into the second half of The Sports Reporters in order to cover this breaking development.

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