38 Days to Football: Training Camp Twitter

38 Days to Football: Training Camp Twitter


38 Days to Football: Training Camp Twitter

Most weekdays from now until the Packers and Seahawks kick off on September 4th, The Big Lead will detail one reason we are excited for football season to begin. Including today, we’re 31 days away from NCAA and 38 from NFL.

Holy crap. Did you see that catch that Sammy Watkins made in training camp? What an athletic achievement. I mean, you can barely tell who is in the video, but still, this is the absolute height of Training Camp Twitter. It’s a moving picture showing something actually happening. As far as I can tell, it is the only update from any training camp that has mattered.

Every other tweet from every other beat writer has been a variation of the following:

@randobeatwriter1: [Player X] has been horribly injured and will not return.

@randobeatwriter2: [Player X] has probably been horribly injured. Return questionable.

@randobeatwriter3: [Player X] has been suspended for [hitting something or someone / using a drug].

@randobeatwriter4: [Player X] isn’t practicing because [football is too dangerous to play ever].

@randobeatwriter5: [Player X] [is holding out and won’t report / has signed and will report].

At their best, those tweets are informational. They tell you the status of players. A necessary evil. Everything else though? Take these specifically-chosen random tweets from random NFL beat writers. Just pure, random, pointlessness.

Turnovers and dropped balls not part of the Giants’ gameplan this season.

Cowboys are not going to pass the ball once this season.

The Vikings have three stud QBs!

The Raiders also have good quarterbacks this season.

Then we have the Jets QB battle. They don’t even have impressive numbers in practice.

Do not overlook Jason Trusnik. Probable first round pick in your fantasy football draft IMHO.

The fiercest, deepest position battle in the NFL this offseason? The Chiefs’ kicking competition. Refresh Twitter regularly.

Packers working on controversial 3 center offense.

Anybody in the general vicinity of Bourbonnais, IL have any ice?

How refreshing – the Arizona Cardinals are willing to play for free.

Reporters late for dinner.

That was close!

So they didn’t retire Mike Vick’s jersey?

Wet balls disappoint person.

Meanwhile, in Detroit – lots of uncertainty.

Hurry back football.

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