31 Days to Football: Manning Face

31 Days to Football: Manning Face


31 Days to Football: Manning Face

Eli Manning Face

Most weekdays from now until the Packers and Seahawks kick off on September 4th, The Big Lead will detail one reason we are excited for football season to begin. Including today, we’re 24 days away from NCAA and 31 from NFL.

The preseason opened up last night with the Giants-Bills in the Hall of Fame game. It took less than a quarter to get in mid-season form. First, Eli committed a turnover on the second possession. Then, he busted out the greatest of football traditions: Manning Face.

You can say what you want about Eli, but he has, in the past year, surpassed big brother when it comes to the face. This one forms a formidable duo with last year’s “Yo Adrian” look of a pummeled boxer after another turnover.

Eli Manning brought ManningFace to new levels against the Bears

Thoughts, Peyton?

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Manning face


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