Ted Lasso and Tim Howard Took a Selfie Together

Ted Lasso and Tim Howard Took a Selfie Together


Ted Lasso and Tim Howard Took a Selfie Together

Last August NBC enlisted funnyman Jason Sudeikis to play “Ted Lasso” — a stereotypical ‘Merican football coach — to hype up its impending coverage of the English Premier League, highlighting the differences between styles of football across the Atlantic.

The spot was a smash hit and well-received on the Internet(*) so it looks like NBC is dipping into the Lasso well again, if this photo (#selfie) Tim Howard posted today is any indication — note the television with NBC’s Rebecca Lowe in the background. Howard, the Everton No. 1, recently signed on with NBC to do some commentary on matches, so it would make synergistic sense to bring the Americans together to help promote coverage which begins next weekend. NBC is hoping to tap into the nation’s appetite for more soccer post-World Cup and using a well-known face like Howard to do so.

Last summer Lasso “coached” at Tottenham (aka Totting-ham). Does this photo with Howard mean he’s moved on to Everton? Lasso might be funny and all, but he’s no Roberto Martinez. Not by a long shot.

(*) well-received on Internet translates to 3 out of 10 people not completely hating it.

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