Roundup: Two ESPN Hosts Try Out for The View; Kevin Durant Withdraws from Team USA; Croc Eats Shark

Roundup: Two ESPN Hosts Try Out for The View; Kevin Durant Withdraws from Team USA; Croc Eats Shark


Roundup: Two ESPN Hosts Try Out for The View; Kevin Durant Withdraws from Team USA; Croc Eats Shark

Maxim's Hot 100 Women Of 2014 Celebration And Sneak Peek Of The Future Of MaximBar Paly … No big deal, just a crocodile eating a shark. … Kevin Durant withdrew from Team USA. … Pittsburgh-area teen dies during first day of “heat acclimation” football practice. … Alberto Del Rio released by WWE. … A monkey owns the copyright to this “selfie” according to Wikipedia. … Marlins pitcher Dan Jennings suffered a concussion, but his CT scan was negative after taking a liner to the head last night. … University of Florida All-American CB hurt during a “20-man scuffle” at practice. … Gallery of photos snapped by the Mars rover over the last two years. … Game of Thrones subway maps. … Massachusetts man arrested for “open and gross lewdness” while doing yardwork. (Click to find out why!) … This Colorado bison is prolific. …  Florida: “It wasn’t exactly the work of a criminal mastermind.” … Will Arnett says a new season of Arrested Development will happen at some point. … Accidental shooting leaves family scrambling to pay medical bills. … Cremated remains of Jonestown massacre victims discovered at DC-area funeral home. … The Saved by the Bell movie on Lifetime looks like a real winner. … Interesting language map of New York City. … Mrs. Brady hanging out at the beach with a dog. … Happy Birthday: Jerry Tarkanian (84); Dustin Hoffman (77); Ken Dryden (67); Keith Carradine (65); Louis van Gaal (63); Robin Quivers (62); Bruce Matthews (53); Kool Moe Dee (52); Ron Karkovice (51); Sable (47); Marcelo Balboa (47); Trev Alberts (44); Scott Stapp (40); Craig Breslow (34); Roger Federer (33); Pierre Garçon (28); Danilo Gallinari (26). … Enjoy the weekend.

ESPN’s Jemele Hill and Sage Steele are in consideration for a spot on the revamped lineup on The View. [ET]

A trip to the prison from The Shawshank Redemption 20 years later. [NYT]

True Detective creator responds to, denies plagiarism accusations. [The Wrap]

The son of Maryland’s OC picks Florida State over the Terps. [Fox Sports]

A look into the lack of female sports pundits on television/radio. [Washington Post]

Mike Zimmer has spent a lot of time prepping for game management. [ESPN]

Actual headline: “The fish that lives in a sea cucumber anus.” [Australian Geographic]

Roddy White fulfilled his Twitter bet. [AJC]

Are all of Quentin Taratino’s movies somehow connected (video)? [Huffington Post]

Why is a certain part of Kansas vital to farming across the Great Plains? [NBC]

Lindsay Lohan appeared in a Jell-O commercial with Bill Cosby in 1995. [Guyism]

The history of ‘sponsored content’ goes back a long way. [Gizmodo]

Some stats on Landon Donovan’s career. [ESPN FC]

So … turns out the hams on Supermarket Sweep were fake. [AV Club]

“How to Tell Whether You’ve Got Angst, Ennui, or Weltschmerz” [Mental Floss]

Train vs. Tornado.

Upcoming Stephen Hawking biopic looks promising.

Jonny Gomes and Stephen Vogt had some fun during their Intentional Talk appearance.

Seriously, happy 84th, Tark.

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