RIP Robin Williams

RIP Robin Williams


RIP Robin Williams

The Comedy Awards 2012 - Arrivals

Sad and shocking news came out of Marin County, Calif. Monday evening that actor Robin Williams is dead of a suspected suicide at the age of 63. According to reports, Williams had been battling depression and checked himself into a rehab program in July.

To encapsulate the Oscar-winning Williams’ career in a single blog post is almost an impossible endeavor, given his ability to jump back-and-forth between slapstick comedy and introspective drama.

Do you focus on his beginnings with Mork & Mindy?

His manic, one-of-a-kind stand up career?

Yes, including the Hawaiian shirts.

Or his still-funny movies like Mrs. Doubtfire?

Or his serious work in Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society?

Or his unforgettable voice-acting work as the Genie in Aladdin or his work in family-favorite Jumanji?

Or, possibly, his manic, dark turn in Death to Smoochy?

Everyone will have their favorite Williams clips or moment — there are mountains of them. He was indeed a talent. It’s an absolute shame he decided, if the initial reports are accurate, that for all the laughter he brought into the world that he needed to end his own life today. Tragic. Just, tragic.

Rest in piece, Robin.

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