Bobby Petrino and Todd Grantham Feud "100 Percent Not True" Per Report

Bobby Petrino and Todd Grantham Feud "100 Percent Not True" Per Report


Bobby Petrino and Todd Grantham Feud "100 Percent Not True" Per Report

NCAA Basketball: Connecticut at Louisville

Prominent NBA player? SI will write your PR material for you. Prominent figure in the cesspool that is major college football? SI will come at you with enthusiasm and tenacity to generate both impact and content beneficial to the advertiser relationship.

Pete Thamel and Thayer Evans teased an upcoming story on Louisville, with a snippet about Bobby Petrino feuding with Todd Grantham per an anonymous source. WDRB’s Rick Bozich followed up with another anonymous source claiming “Bobby and Todd are fine.”

“I’ve been around Bobby quite a bit since he’s been here and I’ve never heard him complain about Grantham,” the source said. “I’ve heard him complain about players and a few other things, but not Todd.”

In fact, the source said that he talked to Petrino specifically about this SI story. “Bobby told me the frustrating thing about this is it’s 100 percent not true,” the source said. “Bobby and Todd are fine.

“Bobby understands that he’ll always have things to deal with because of what happened in the past. He gets that and accepts it. But this story is wrong.”

We’d suspect strong personalities have been strong personalities. The ultimate narrative will be crafted on the field. Writers invest winners with character, cohesion and leadership. They write off losers with strife, intrigue and personal failings. It happens in historicism. It happens in sportswriting. The truth, as with any human endeavor, is complex, subjective, somewhere in between and may not relate directly to the result.

If Bobby Petrino coaches offense well and Todd Grantham coaches defense well, Louisville will win games and the two will have gotten along well enough.

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