Mike Francesa Hung Up on John Calipari

Mike Francesa Hung Up on John Calipari


Mike Francesa Hung Up on John Calipari


What happens when you put the massive egos of John Calipari and Mike Francesa together? Radio gold.

Francesa invited Calipari, a longtime friend/sparring partner, into his WFAN studio on Wednesday. The pair basically spent the time tweaking each other for one thing or another in a mostly good-natured way. However the tweaking didn’t stop when Calipari left, as Francesa took issue with the Kentucky coach’s Xs and Os, while praising his ability to recruit.

So what did Calipari do? Call in to the show as “John from Kentucky” to defend himself, naturally. Mike quickly dumped him like any other caller trying to argue with the big guy with a matter-of-fact, “thanks for the call, ’cause you’re gone.”

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