Here's Amanda Dufner With a Monkey on Her Head

Here's Amanda Dufner With a Monkey on Her Head

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Here's Amanda Dufner With a Monkey on Her Head

Amanda Dufner, professional golfer Jason Dufner’s wife, is living life to the fullest. Here she is in Atlanta with a monkey on her head.

Meanwhile, Jason has played well enough to earn a spot on the Ryder Cup Team, but is dealing with two bulging disks in his neck and hasn’t played since the PGA Championship when he pulled out during the first round. After leaving the PGA Dufner told reporters, “There’s no point to be out there hacking it around. It’s just pointless.” When asked about a return Dufner answered, “It could be next month, next year, 2016, but not until I’m healthy.”

Hopefully Dufner actually does take the time off to recover fully before making a return, unlike someone else who continues to suffer the same injuries because he won’t give his body time to heal.

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