Here's Everything the LAPD Has on the Bizarre Josh Shaw Incident

Here's Everything the LAPD Has on the Bizarre Josh Shaw Incident


Here's Everything the LAPD Has on the Bizarre Josh Shaw Incident

USC v Oregon State

The Josh Shaw saga was the most prominent storyline in college football this week, but it’s not quite over. One significant question remains: How did the senior defensive back sprain both of his ankles Saturday night?

We may never know.

Police are still patching the story together, and right now, the injury centers around something that happened in his girlfriend’s apartment. She still has not been named.

Here’s what the LAPD has clarified, via the LA Times:

* Someone called the police about a woman screaming in an apartment
* Cops show up, knock on the door of the apartment where there were screams, no answer
* Cops break down the door, nobody home, but a “window had been pried open”
* Witnesses told police they saw a “black man with dreadlocks” climbing from the 3rd floor balcony
* Then, the woman of the apartment in question shows up. (Nice timing!) Police asked her about the suspect; she said it “sounded” like her boyfriend (Josh Shaw)

[Puts on Matlock hat.]

So whoever screamed in the apartment disappeared?
Why is a guy having to pry open his girlfriend’s apartment window?
Screams, a pried open window, but nothing stolen … this seems like a case for the Scooby Doo gang.

[Takes off Matlock hat.]

Shaw has lawyered up, so he’s probably going to go radio silent and hope everyone forgets about it with the season starting this weekend, and then NFL starting the following week.

A reminder of how crazy this arc is: Shaw was injured, lied about it, convinced USC to write about it, briefly became a hero, had his lie is exposed, admitted to lying, and is now suspended “indefinitely.”

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