The Big Lead's College Football Predictions For 2014

The Big Lead's College Football Predictions For 2014


The Big Lead's College Football Predictions For 2014

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama

The 2014 College Football season has arrived. The TBL staff have some carefully considered predictions for you. Feel free to bookmark for late October zinging over social media.

Conference Champions

SEC: Alabama over South Carolina
P12: Oregon over USC
B10: Wisconsin over Ohio State
ACC: Florida State over Virginia Tech
B12: Oklahoma

SEC: Georgia
P12: Oregon
B10: Ohio State
ACC: Florida State
B12: Baylor

SEC: Alabama
B10: Wisconsin
ACC: Florida State
B12: Oklahoma

SEC: Alabama over Georgia
P12: Oregon over UCLA
B10: Michigan State over Wisconsin
ACC: Florida State over Miami
B12: Baylor

SEC: Alabama over South Carolina
P12: Oregon over UCLA
B10: Michigan State over Wisconsin
ACC: Florida State
B12: Oklahoma

SEC: LSU over South Carolina
P12: UCLA over Stanford
B10: Michigan State over Wisconsin
ACC: Florida State over Miami
Big12: Baylor

Four-Team Playoff

Duffy: 1. Florida State 2. Alabama 3. Oklahoma 4. Oregon
Glasspiegel: 1. Florida State 2. Georgia 3. Alabama 4. Oregon
Lisk: 1. Florida State 2. Alabama 3. UCLA 4. LSU
Koster: 1. Florida State 2. Alabama 3. Michigan State 4. Baylor
Shamburger: 1. Florida State 2. Alabama 3. Oregon 4. Oklahoma
McIntyre: 1. LSU, 2. Florida State, 3. UCLA, 4. Michigan State

Championship Game

Duffy: Alabama over Florida State
Glasspiegel: Florida State over Georgia
Lisk: Florida State over Alabama
Koster: Florida State over Michigan State
Shamburger: Alabama over Florida State
McIntyre: LSU over UCLA

NCAA Football: Gator Bowl-Nebraska vs Georgia

Heisman Winner

Duffy: Marcus Mariota (Oregon) – QBs have won 12/14. Winston will bore voters.
Glasspiegel: Jameis Winston (FSU)
Lisk: Jameis Winston (FSU)
Koster: Jameis Winston (FSU)
Shamburger: Jameis Winston (FSU)
McIntyre: Marcus Mariota (Oregon). What Duffy said.

Breakout Freshman

Duffy: Jabril Peppers (Michigan)
Glasspiegel: Could not even venture to guess.
Lisk: Brad Kaaya (Miami)
Koster: Jabril Peppers (Michigan), begrudgingly…
Shamburger: Leonard Fournette (LSU)
McIntyre: Fournette (LSU)

Good Surprise Team

Duffy: Washington Huskies
Glasspiegel: Kansas State (who are no. 20 preseason, but will finish in top 10)
Lisk: Texas
Koster: Navy
Shamburger: Ole Miss (because I said it last year and people didn’t like it)
McIntyre: Bowling Green (people in Vegas are never wrong, right?)

Bad Surprise Team

Duffy: Texas A&M Aggies
Glasspiegel: Texas Tech Red Raiders
Lisk: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Koster: Oklahoma State Cowboys
Shamburger: Florida?
McIntyre: Auburn Tigers (love the team, arguably toughest schedule in the country)


Biggest Job Available in Early December

Duffy: Florida – Muschamp needs a bounce back season. A heinous schedule and untimely injuries ensure that does not happen.
Glasspiegel: Stanford, but in January after David Shaw takes an NFL job.
Lisk: Florida
Koster: Florida
Shamburger: West Virginia
McIntyre: Notre Dame? (only because three others took Florida)

Biggest Upset

Duffy: Kentucky over Georgia
Glasspiegel: Appalachian State over Michigan pt. 2
Koster: Navy over Ohio State
Shamburger: Someone other than VT or MSU over Ohio State
McIntyre: Boston College over USC on September 13th

Number of Texas wins

Duffy: 8
Glasspiegel: 9
Lisk: 9
Koster: 8
Shamburger: 7
McIntyre: 8

Number of Florida wins

Duffy: 7
Glasspiegel: 7
Lisk: 5
Koster: 5
Shamburger: 7 (maybe 8, too bold?)
McIntyre: 5

Clowney Spurrier

Steve Spurrier Will…

Duffy: Hit the over on 1.5 epic trolls of Dabo Swinney.
Glasspiegel: Ban another local reporter over some petty bullshit.
Lisk: Run up the score in Will Muschamp’s final game 
Koster: Continue to make his own rules and beat Clemson to sweeten a 9-win season
Shamburger: Come very very close to making the college football playoffs.
McIntyre: Get in a physical altercation with another college football coach

Les Miles Will…

Duffy: Start explaining things with concise, direct diction and act as though nothing happened.
Glasspiegel: Be the first two words in at least 12 TBL headlines between now and January.

Lisk: Continue to get positive publicity after his players get arrested by eating grass in a viral GIF.
Koster: Never truly figure out his quarterback situation or how to clap like a
human being.
Shamburger: Continuously piss me off all season with boneheaded timeouts.
McIntyre: Win the National Championship and if Michigan flops, he will again consider the job in Ann Arbor if Brady Hoke is fired.

Urban Meyer Will…

Duffy: Be pilloried by a sports columnist for a routine alcohol/marijuana arrest.
Glasspiegel: Make you want to mute your TV every time announcers won’t shut up about how virtuous he is.

Lisk: Be publicly campaigning for a playoff spot late in the year.
Koster: Not be happy with my Navy upset pick, miss Braxton Miller.
Shamburger: Still likely coach his team to 10 wins.
McIntyre: Get in two pissing contests with the media that make for great video.

Random Prediction

Duffy: Mack Brown is spectacular on TV.
Glasspiegel: Tim Tebow leaves SEC Network to join an NFL roster.
Lisk: November will be crazy with upsets as the pressure of not 2, but 4 spots, mount, putting more teams that cannot handle it “in position.”
Koster: Mike Shamburger tries to make a GIF while sitting in Tiger Stadium
Shamburger: The wonderful TBL commenters will enjoy a full season of football GIFs. (Also, to prove Kyle correct, I will attempt to make a GIF while watching LSU-Alabama in Tiger Stadium.)
McIntyre: Bowling Green will be so good, there will be a silly movement for a MAC Network.

Michigan fan "No way"

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