2014 NFL Predictions From The Big Lead Staff

2014 NFL Predictions From The Big Lead Staff


2014 NFL Predictions From The Big Lead Staff

Peyton Manning

Here are our season predictions. Print them, save them, make fun of them. In a week, we will know nothing.

AFC East

Glasspiegel: Patriots (2)
Cardillo: Patriots (2)
Duffy: Patriots (1)
Douglas: Patriots (2)
Lisk: Patriots (1)
McIntyre: Patriots (1)
Shamburger: Patriots (1) 

Hey wait, all of us picked the Patriots, too!

Tom Brady needs a high five

AFC North

Glasspiegel: Bengals (4)
Cardillo: Ravens (3)
Duffy: Ravens (3)
Douglas: Ravens (4)
Lisk: Steelers (4)
McIntyre: Ravens (4)
Shamburger: Ravens (4)

john harbaugh joe flacco

AFC South

Glasspiegel: Texans (3)
Cardillo: Colts (4)
Duffy: Texans (4)
Douglas: Colts (4)
Lisk: Texans (3)
McIntyre: Colts (3)
Shamburger: Colts (3)

AFC West

Glasspiegel: Broncos (1)
Cardillo: Broncoooooos (1)
Duffy: Broncos (2)
Douglas: Broncos (1)
Lisk: Broncos (2)
McIntyre: Broncos (2)
Shamburger: Broncos (2)

AFC Wild Cards

Glasspiegel: Dolphins (5) and Chargers (6)
Cardillo: Chargers (5); Jets (6)
Duffy: Bengals (5) and Colts (6)
Douglas: Dolphins (5) and Titans (6)
Lisk: Colts (5) and Bengals (6)
McIntyre: Chargers (5) and Jets (6)
Shamburger: Chargers (5) and Bengals (6)

Chip Kelly dives into pool

NFC East

Glasspiegel: Washington (4)
Cardillo: E-A-G-L-E-S (3)
Duffy: Eagles (2)
Douglas: Eagles (2)
Lisk: Eagles (3) 
McIntyre: Eagles (3)
Shamburger: Eagles (2)

NFC North

Glasspiegel: Bears (3)
Cardillo: Bears
Duffy: Bears (4)
Douglas: Packers (4)
Lisk: Bears (4)
McIntyre: Packers (2)
Shamburger: Bears (4)

Jay Cutler throws tipped pick six against Browns

NFC South

Glasspiegel: Saints (1)
Cardillo: Saints (1)
Duffy: Saints (3)
Douglas: Saints (3)
Lisk: Saints (2)
McIntyre: Bucs (4)
Shamburger: Saints (3)

NFC West

Glasspiegel: Seahawks (2)

Cardillo: Seahawks (2)
Duffy: Seahawks (1)
Douglas: Seahawks (1)
Lisk: Seahawks (1)
McIntyre: Seahawks (1)
Shamburger: Seahawks (1)

Pete Carroll laughing after Brandon Browner was tripped by the turf monster against the Cardinals

NFC Wild Cards

Glasspiegel: Packers (5) and Buccaneers (6)

Cardillo: 49ers (5) and Lions (6)
Duffy: 49ers (5) and Packers (6)
Douglas: 49ers (5) and Cowboys (6)
Lisk: Packers (5) and 49ers (6)
McIntyre: Saints (5) and Lions (6)
Shamburger: 49ers (5) and Packers (6)

AFC Championship

Glasspiegel: Chargers over Bengals

Robert Ayers makes fun of Philip Rivers

Cardillo: Patriots over Chargers
Duffy: Patriots over Ravens
Douglas: Broncos over Patriots
Lisk: Patriots over Broncos 
McIntyre: Patriots over Colts
Shamburger: Chargers over Patriots

NFC Championship

Glasspiegel: Saints over Seahawks

Cardillo: Saints over Eagles
Duffy: Seahawks over Eagles
Douglas: Seahawks over Eagles
Lisk: Seahawks over Saints
McIntyre: Packers over Eagles
Shamburger: Saints over Eagles


Super Bowl

Glasspiegel: Saints over Chargers

Cardillo: Saints over Patriots
Duffy: Patriots over Seahawks
Douglas: Broncos over Seahawks
Lisk: Seahawks over Patriots
McIntyre: Packers over Patriots
Shamburger: Saints over Chargers

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

League MVP

Glasspiegel: Aaron Rodgers
Cardillo: Tom Brady
Duffy: Tom Brady
Douglas: Peyton Manning
Lisk: Drew Brees
McIntyre: LeSean McCoy
Shamburger: Drew Brees

Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions

Defensive Player of the Year

Glasspiegel: Luke Kuechly
Cardillo: Chris Long (“sold” my pick on Twitter to the highest bidder.)
Duffy: J.J. Watt
Douglas: J.J. Watt
Lisk: J.J. Watt
McIntyre: Mohammad Wilkerson (Jets)
Shamburger: J.J. Watt

Rookie of the Year

Glasspiegel: Sammy Watkins
Cardillo: JFF
Duffy: Jadeveon Clowney
Douglas: Sammy Watkins
Lisk: Blake Bortles
McIntyre: Mike Evans, Tampa Bay
Shamburger: Blake Bortles

lindsey-duke_blake bortles

First Coach to Be Fired

Glasspiegel: Mike Smith
Cardillo: Wayne Fontes.
Duffy: Jason Garrett
Douglas: Rex Ryan
Lisk: none will be fired before season ends
McIntyre: Jason Garrett
Shamburger: Rex Ryan

Announcer Who Will Make Me Cringe the Most

Glasspiegel: Cris Collinsworth
Cardillo: Lemme tell you something, they’re all great.
Duffy: Hello, friends.
Douglas: Mike Mayock
Lisk: Phil Simms
McIntyre: Jim Nantz
Shamburger: Phil Simms

Peyton Manning Will …

Glasspiegel: Come under major fire the next time he throws a receiver into a big hit
Cardillo: … listen to Outlaw Country driving to practice most days.
Duffy: Make my mother laugh.
Douglas: Make a commercial that will air multiple times this season.
Lisk: Wear dad shorts on off days.
McIntyre: Turn Emmanuel Sanders into a fantasy stud, and make you pick up Cody Latimer.
Shamburger: Be seen during the bye week at a Tennessee Volunteers game.

Peyton Manning dancing

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