The Big Lead's NFL Survivor Football Challenge

The Big Lead's NFL Survivor Football Challenge


The Big Lead's NFL Survivor Football Challenge

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Just like last year, we’re doing an NFL survivor league challenge. Surely you’ve familiar with the concept – you can pick one team each week to win, but you can’t pick that team again all year. Your team loses, and you’re out.

To those who still don’t get it: If you pick the Eagles to beat the Jaguars this week – Philadelphia is a double-digit favorite, and will be the most-picked team in survivor leagues – and the Eagles win, you can’t pick them again all season. If the Eagles lose … you’re out.

It’s on Yahoo. Go sign up!
Group ID: 26172
Password: TBLsurvivor

Second Yahoo groupJoin here.
Group ID: 26732
Password: TBLsurvivor

UPDATE: Because Yahoo only allows 100 per group, we’ve started a group over at ESPN.

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