Roundup: Johnny Manziel Files Johnny Cleveland Trademark; Changes Coming to Twitter?; RIP Joan Rivers

Roundup: Johnny Manziel Files Johnny Cleveland Trademark; Changes Coming to Twitter?; RIP Joan Rivers


Roundup: Johnny Manziel Files Johnny Cleveland Trademark; Changes Coming to Twitter?; RIP Joan Rivers


hoopesfootballSamantha Hoopes … Joan Rivers passed away at age 81. … Bud Light’s Whatever, USA, is actually in Crested Butte, Co., residents don’t seem stoked, bro. … Johnny Manziel filed trademark for “Johnny Cleveland.” … Donte Stallworth hired by the Huffington Post. … Great Dane consumes 43 socks, lives. … British boxer Kell Brook stabbed in the leg while on vacation in Tenerife. … That’s one big “shrimp-like creature.” … Arkansas-Little Rock AD resigns following inappropriate comment picked up during webcast of game. … A big storm is brewing in the race for the Kansas state senate. … Sofia Vergara banks $37 million a year, making her the highest-paid female actor on television. … Governor of Delaware makes a social media mistake. … When ménage à trois goes wrong. … Scientists say they’ve found the largest dinosaur/land animal of all time. … Josh Gordon got a new job. … You’ll never guess what happened next in this GIF set. … Denver residents can get Whole Foods delivery to their homes. … Twitpic is shutting down on Sept. 25. … The Simpsons marathon increased FXX’s ratings 500 percent. … Happy Birthday: Bob Newhart (85); William Devane (77); Raquel Welch (74); Werner Herzog (72); Al Stewart (69); Paul Breitner (63); Michael Keaton (63); Candy Maldonado (54); Rose McGowan (41); Carice van Houten (38); Colt McCoy (28); Elena Delle Donne (25); Lance Stephenson (24). … Enjoy the weekend, football and whatever else you so choose.

Roger Federer outlasted Gaël Monfils at the U.S. Open. [LA Times]

Florida State conducting a school investigation of Jameis Winston. [USAT]

Researchers think there’s up to an 18 percent chance Ebola will hit the U.S. by the end of September. [NPR]

Twitter is going to make changes to make it more like Facebook. Awesome! [Washington Post]

Brandon Marshall brings perspective to new role on Inside the NFL, including a discussion of his domestic violence problems early in his career. [Sherman Report]

Josh McCown is apparently a really good basketball player, too. [Charlotte Observer]

Infographic: the best furniture to have sex on. [True Interior]

Californians react to trying Dunkin Donuts for the first time. [BroBible]

A retrospective on the 1999 meeting between Michigan State and Oregon would appeal to the readers of this site, correct? [SB Nation]

How do commentators voices get programmed into sports games? [Extra Mustard]

Yao Ming is trying to save elephants. [Washington Post]

“In Television Deals, NFL Plays by Its Own Rules” [WSJ]

An embarrassing GIF of every NFL starting quarterback. [Uproxx]

Michigan basketball fills last scholarship with D3 transfer. [mLive]

Illuminating profile of Ben Affleck ahead of his new movie, Gone Girl. [NYT]

Requisite 90s link of the week: 100 best shows of 1994-95 featuring The Commish, Wings, seaQuest DSV and more! [Vulture]

Make some Madden GIFs and memes, if you want. [EA Sports]

A look at the old days of Sports Illustrated with former editor Peter Carry. [Jeff Pearlman]

Jennifer Lopez teased her new song/video featuring Iggy Azalea entitled “Booty.”

Joan Rivers vs. heckler.

Game of Thrones credits, 1960s style.

Mongoose vs. Lions.

Five fun minutes of old NFL commercials, via Uproxx.

Larry David on The Tonight Show told a story about getting bitten by a dog.

This film about Doc Ellis looks worth trying to track down.

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