People On Internet Don't Like Music Video According to Reports

People On Internet Don't Like Music Video According to Reports


People On Internet Don't Like Music Video According to Reports


After yesterday’s post about TMZ reporting the Jameis Winston rumor, I clicked on over to see what else TMZ Sports was getting into these days. What I found was some hard hitting news.


Big stuff. Turns out some people on Twitter don’t like a music video. (Somebody get Cardillo’s fainting chair.) It seems that people are picking nits with some of the details in the video. You can watch it below. Just know that it is NSFW for language and blurred nudity. I’ll give you a moment to watch and then we can talk about it.

Good stuff right? Apparently people have problems with the jersey numbers of players among other things. Complex even “tackled” the issues fans have with the video in a post titled 7 Things Football Fans Hate About Big Sean’s “IDFWU” Video. That’s right. Seven things. TMZ doesn’t even deal with all seven. Must be some pretty egregious stuff for multiple sites to hit Twitter for headlines. Let’s take a look.

 1. Big Sean—who is shorter than Doug Flutie—is supposed to be one of the best high school quarterbacks in the country.

This can’t be a real complaint. Do they think this is a documentary? If these people found out that Tom Cruise played Jack Reacher would their heads explode? Generally, musicians play the leads in their music videos if they want.

2. Big Sean is wearing the jersey number 88 while playing quarterback.

This is a big one that was also mentioned in the TMZ post. To be fair, it is true that he is wearing that number. They are correct. #88 is not a typical quarterback number, though it probably happens from time to time. Especially in high school where there no rules about what numbers are worn by what position.

3. One of Big Sean’s wide receivers is wearing the jersey number 77.

Again, nitpicking with numbers being worn by fictional high school football players. (Red Grange wore #77. People forget that.) Yet, not a single person had a problem with the running back wearing #50.

4. Kanye West calls a running play right up the middle with his team trailing by 10 points and about a minute left on the clock.

People hate coaches so much that they second guess play-calling in a music video. This seems like a good time to let you know that TMZ didn’t like Kanye’s outfit. Also, the products that players are using.

There’s more … Kanye plays a coach wearing a mock turtleneck (who does that?) — and people are also upset that players are chugging Red Bull on the sidelines instead of Gatorade or water.


5. Big Sean and DJ Mustard do a choreographed touchdown dance—even though they’re still losing.

Celebrating while trailing in a football game? Well, that’s never happened before. Also worth noting: “DJ Mustard.”

6. Big Sean’s team manages to get the ball back at the end of the game by…well, we don’t know how they got the ball back, but it must have been amazing!

Complaining about a presumed onside kick being left out of a music video is just incredible. Also, they didn’t show the commercials that would have been shown between the extra point and the kickoff. What up with that Big Sean?

7. The game probably should have ended with the kicker for Big Sean’s team trying a field goal.

Why didn’t you kick the field goal!? Be more conservative with your play-calling Coach Kanye! High school kickers are the only thing more reliable than college kickers so Kanye West should have trotted out the field goal team. Good lord. The best thing to come out of this video is the below screencap.


The Dark Sky Press is awesome. They ran the same story on the front page two days in a row. And they got a huge scoop about the “most recruited player in history.” Maybe tomorrow they can run this article.  Just use the headline “Douglas scores one for diversity.”

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