Best Restaurant / Band Puns of 2014

Best Restaurant / Band Puns of 2014


Best Restaurant / Band Puns of 2014

What better way to end 2014 than with Restaurant / Band Puns? Last night, my attention was brought to the above band, Mac Sabbath, a group that does heavy metal McDonald’s-themed parodies of Black Sabbath songs. This turned into an intense pun-off in an e-mail thread with some current and former commenters* that resulted in over 200 e-mails in a little over an hour.

Here, in no particular order, are the 15 that made us giggle the most:

KFC and the Sunshine Band
Chili Idol
Hall and Sbarroates
Taco Belle and Sebastian
TGI Green Days
Ruth’s Kris Kristofferson
Red Robin Chili’s Lobster
Little Caesar Ray Vaughan
Burt Outbackarach
The Eurythmicdonalds
Pearl Jamba Juice
Darius Fudruckers
IHOP Maiden


California Pizza Hanson
Whitesnake Castle
The Mamas and the Papa Johns
Chipolte Sisqo
Rally’s Stones
Buffalo Wild Wings
Elton John Silver
Brueggers Bangles
The Four KFSeasons
Ted Nuge-In-n-Out
Fats Domino’s
Smashmouth Burger

Tiny Tim Horton’s
Captain Geech and the Shake Shack Shooters
Publix Emeny
Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Hooters
In n Outkast
AppleBee Gees
Echo and the Cinabunnymen
The Carpentarby’s
Shake Styx

Big Boi
Boston Market
Old Country Jimmy Buffett
Led Zeppelendy’s
Red Robin Thicke
Ruth’s Kris Kristoferson
Pizza Hutallica
Derek and the Domino’s
Taco Bel Biv Devoe
Panda INXS
The Dixie Chick-fil-A’s
Krispy Cream
Tilted Kilters
Krispy Cream
Lonestar Steak House
Ugly Kid Joe’s Crab Shack
Subwayteful Dead
Longhorn Steakhouse of Pain
Jimmy Eat World of Pancakes
Pita Pitbull

PF Wang Chung’s
Red Hot Chili Lobsters
Now That’s What I Call Sonic! Vol. 69
The Magnetic Mrs. Fields
Uncle Cracker Barrel
IHOP Maiden
Marky Mark Pi’s
Pearl Jamba Juice
Five Buddy Guys
Jimi Hendrax
Ben and Journey’s
Little Caesar’s Van Zandt
Led Zeppelin-n-Out
Pinkberry Garcia
Ranch One Direction
Pinkberry Floyd
Duncan DonutSheik
Papa Gin Blossoms

Smashing Dunkins Donuts
Papa John Denver
The EurythMcDonald’s
B.Burger Kings
Chuck E. Cheese Z Top
Ground Round Garden
Pei Waylon Jennings
Smokey Bone Thugs n Harmony
BonePhish Grill
The Jackson 5 Guys
Frank Zaxby
Dairy Queen
Mazzy Starbucks

Waffle House of Pain
Sonic Youth
Sbarry White
Chuck E. Cheesy E
Marky Mark Pi’s
Matthew Sweet Tomatoes

DunKISS Donuts
Ringo Starrbucks
Long John Silversun Pickups
Au bon T-Pain
Red Rock Lobster
Terence Trent d’Arby’s
Orange Julius Priest
Pantera Bread
Olive Soundgarden
Thank Godsmack It’s Friday’s
White Castle Stripes

*Band / Restaurant Puns by @stephen_douglas, @rexdangerseeker, @spencer096, @hef0, @miggiesmalls, @drewggy, @number1happyst, @romanwhelmet, @finklebone.

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