More People Watched the Pakistan - India World Cup Cricket Match Than Anything Else Ever

More People Watched the Pakistan - India World Cup Cricket Match Than Anything Else Ever


More People Watched the Pakistan - India World Cup Cricket Match Than Anything Else Ever

Pakistan IndiaHave you ever had someone tell you that more people across the world watched the Arsenal – Manchester City Premiership game than the Super Bowl? It’s a fun little tidbit which was used by people who don’t like the NFL in the days following the announcement that the Super Bowl was watched by a record 114.8 million viewers. Sure, that number is just an estimate and there is no real way to telling, but it makes a nice headline.

Now, back to the Arsenal – Man City game… The popular number thrown around is that 650 million people watched the Premier League tilt a few weeks ago. One particular example came from @BBCSporf, a BBC Sport parody account that has 800,000+ followers. Guh… They suck at the Internet in Europe too. Stop following parody accounts, dummies. The same numbers were passed around Twitter like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert.

The game was available in 650 million homes across the world. That doesn’t mean there was exactly one person in each of those homes tuned in to watch, but don’t let that get in the way of a good tweet. Still, with a sport as globally popular as soccer, it’s safe to say that Arsenal – Man City crushed the Super Bowl’s paltry “record” number of viewers. So fútbol fans can feel safe wrapped in the fact blanket that says their favorite sport is more popular than football. They’re members of the biggest, coolest club. Or at least they were…

Hey soccer fans? You like big numbers in everything but your results? Well then check out cricket. You know how many people watched the India – Pakistan ICC World Cup match over the weekend? A freaking BILLION. Yeah, that’s a B, B.

Updated rankings?

Super Bowl: 114.8 million people
Man City – Arsenal: 650 million people
India Pakistan Cricket: 1,000 million

Stick that in your phone and tweet it. And make sure @NotAnESPNChannel and @NowThatsWhatICallSportsCenter throw in a stolen image when they don’t credit this website.

I mean, sure that’s just another round number estimate that was released before the game was actually played, but it’s probably pretty close. Just look at this article in Mashable that also shows you how people watched the game. Spoiler alert: They used televisions. It really is a hell of a listicle.

Just remember that no matter what you like, somebody else likes something else that is both better and more popular. And the best, most popular thing is actually stupid and overrated. That’s right, Cricket fans. Guess what? You suck and so does your sport! Watch a real sport like the NFL. What’s wrong? You don’t like points!?

What’s that? 300 – 224?

What, you don’t like defense!? Maybe check out the Legion of Boom or that guy who intercepted Russell Wilson whose name I already forgot! Defense. That’s sports. Yeah.

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