Matt Harvey Is Dating Another Model, Apparently

Matt Harvey Is Dating Another Model, Apparently


Matt Harvey Is Dating Another Model, Apparently

Matt Harvey is dating another model. The New York Mets righty is an item with Polish model, Ania Cywinska according to the New York Post gossip page. The proof? You guessed it — Instagram.

Let’s say this, to give this post a semblance of value or sports connection. Harvey’s personal life is his own business, although he’s obviously had some complaints about how he wants to live his life as a bachelor in New York City either from fans or the media. Harvey also got in a tiff with Mets’ management last year while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery since he didn’t want to spend all his time down in Port St. Luice, Fla., when he could be in New York. There are probably a lot better things to do with your time than grouse about how a bachelor like Harvey lives his life.

Here’s the thing. Derek Jeter is retired. If we take away the lightning rod that is Alex Rodriguez, Harvey is the biggest name and most recognizable face in New York baseball. In turn, he’s going to be the player the gossip rags all keep their eyes on, which again really isn’t all that big of a deal since it doesn’t figure to impact him on the mound one iota, but, unfortunately it’s going to happen anyways.

New York is the best, isn’t it?

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