Phil Jackson is Currently Trolling Planet Earth on Twitter

Phil Jackson is Currently Trolling Planet Earth on Twitter


Phil Jackson is Currently Trolling Planet Earth on Twitter

Phil Jackson, the President of Basketball Operations for the 17-65 New York Knicks, thinks that “three-point oriented teams” are stupid. Sorry, don’t let me take that out-of-context … i’m assuming he’s alluding to the Warriors, Rockets, and Hawks? … “three-point oriented teams” that currently find themselves down 1-2 in their respective second round series? Wut?

I don’t really know what’s going on here, but, he’s a little “cranky” about it…

I can’t disagree, heaven-forbid the Knicks embrace analytics and do something crazy like make the playoffs. Who would ever want that?

Instead, it appears Phil is standing up for his ancient “Triangle” system, initially designed to feature the best shooting guard and center of their generation. I hate to break this to you, Phil, but Langston Galloway and Lou Amundson are not Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. When you run (literally) the entire operation of a basketball franchise, the beautiful part about the gig is that you are allowed to change anything you want, and usually don’t need approval from anyone! So, maybe consider trying something a new system that better accommodates the limited talents of your players? No? Ok, keep running the ‘triangle’ — nothing says “quality look” quite like an Andrea Bargnani 18-foot contested two-pointer.

Anyways, Twitter fired back — because that’s what Twitter does.

capitals fire

I’m not gonna troll ya, Phil, you have more rings than I can count — thus, us Knicks fans should just keep quiet and trust that you know what you’re doing. That’s worked out really well for us in the past with credentialed leaders, so, I’m totally optimistic about the future.

Seriously though, Phil, I do have an important question to ask ya: Are the Knicks goink to make the playoffs next year? Are we goink to sign Marc Gasol this offseason?

I’m goink to sign off now and wait for your response. Thanks!

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