Roundup: Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead at 22 and Jennifer Lopez Turns 46

Roundup: Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead at 22 and Jennifer Lopez Turns 46


Roundup: Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead at 22 and Jennifer Lopez Turns 46


Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez, dressed up for her 46th birthday party … Jon Stewart really only had one minority writer on his entire staff? … “Donald Trump’s brazen genius” … Colorado and Arizona are the two worst states for speeding tickets … “Universal finds pirated copy of Jurassic World seeded from its own servers” … Oregon TV anchor fired after testing for marijuana; now she’s a marijuana activist … “Creepy Clown Trespasses At Chicago Cemetery, In Dead Of Night” … always enjoy reading about summer camp, though the only sleep-away ones I went to were for sports … some political guy in London caught on video snorting coke off a hooker’s breasts … Philadelphia postal worker busted with over 20,000 pieces of mail in his car and garage … the Louisiana movie shooter was hospitalized in 2008 for mental health, so why the hell was he still able to buy a gun in Alabama? … Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, has died at the age of 22 after spending six months in a coma … 

After 26 years at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bernie Miklasz is leaving the newspaper for a radio show. [STL Today]

Gary Vitti, one of the most famous trainers in NBA history, is leaving the Lakers after next season, which will be his 32nd team. [LA Times]

Jed York is a doofus, but you already knew that. What an awful comparison he made for Jim Tomsula. [Mercury News]

USA lost to Panama in the 3rd place game at the Gold Cup, but please spare me your “Klinsmann must go!” garbage. []

ESPN is doing a 90-minute special on the Dallas Cowboys from training camp. [Dallas Morning News]

Enjoyed this concise recap of the Texas/Nick Saban near connection that happened a couple years ago. [NYT]

Except much more of this in the coming decade: “Clubs, such as Newcastle United, increasingly turn to in-house reporters and restrict access to national and local press.” [Guardian]

The Cavaliers traded Brendan Haywood and Mike Miller to the Portland Trailblazers for a couple 2nd round draft picks. []

I’m excited about Andre Pirlo entering the MLS, even if it’s at the age of 37. [SI]

Junior Galette debacle in New Orleans a complete indictment of the GM and coach. They made this clown a leader? Wait until you get to the fistfights. []

Former NBA point guard Rick Brunson was acquitting of sexual abuse charges against a massage therapist in Chicago. [Tribune]

The media’s been wrong all along about Chip Kelly. He has been married! [Washington Post]

Granular breakdown of Rob Gronkowski’s appearance on Family Feud. [Houston Press]

Interesting peek into the depression that crippled former NBA player David Harrison. [WTHR]

If you missed this last week, Jamal Murray looked really good. He’s going to Kentucky. Looks like a stud.

No idea how I’ve never seen this old clip of an out-of-shape sports anchor getting injured.

MSNBC field report interrupted by a Howard Stern fan.

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