Roundup: Chris Borland Details His Decision to Leave NFL; Origins of the Carlton Dance

Roundup: Chris Borland Details His Decision to Leave NFL; Origins of the Carlton Dance


Roundup: Chris Borland Details His Decision to Leave NFL; Origins of the Carlton Dance


attends Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con 2015 Party sponsored by HBO, Honda, Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Ritas at FLOAT at The Hard Rock Hotel on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, California.

Alicia Vikander … Jimmy Buffet fans left makeshift toilets behind at a show in Massachusetts. … College student tries to sell his bike on Facebook, gets ambushed by four teenagers and beaten. … Kangaroos on the loose in Tuscon. … Caitlyn Jenner could face manslaughter charge for California highway crash. … Sewage smells at London stadium set to host rugby World Cup. … Raptors gave Jonas Valanciunas a contract extension. … Syrian man walks into his own funeral. … Michigan mayor wants to ban personal flamethrowers. … Head lice concerns in Kansas City as school resumes. … Here’s the FWAA 75th anniversary All-America team. … $35,000 worth of jewelry left in the back of an NYC cab. … Breakdancing fail. … Florida couple eats 60-year-old wedding cake each year on their anniversary. … Happy Birthday: Kenny Rogers (77); Archie Griffin (61); Kim Cattrall (59); Jim McMahon (56); John Wetteland (49); Carrie-Ann Moss (48); Craig Counsell (45); Sergey Brin (42); Alicia Witt (40); Reuben Droughns (37); Kelis (36); Melvin Upton (31); Usain Bolt (29); Robert Lewandowski (27); Hayden Panettiere (26). … Have a nice weekend.

Long profile on Chris Borland and his decision to walk away from the NFL. [ESPN the Magazine]

“Silence at Baylor” [Texas Monthly]

Paul Petrino yelled at a reporter during Idaho camp. []

Mike Trout might have a second career as a TV weatherman. [Yahoo!]

Jimmy Carter’s cancer had spread to his brain, says “”I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes.” [Washington Post]

Alfonso Ribeiro details how the Carlton dance originated. [Vulture]

The best profile on former ECW wrestler New Jack you’ll read this week. [Grantland]

Ohio State’s quarterback plan is still unsettled. [NYT]

“If you collected all the non-fictional lunchpail ethos that Philadelphians see in themselves and mixed it with the fictional Rocky spirit in a laboratory to create an athlete, you’d name him Chase Utley.” [Newsworks]

Ranking the best Nickelodeon live-action shows of the 90s. [Collider]

Milennials love Bernie Sanders. [Guardian]

An opinion that Philip Rivers is good enough to bring the Chargers to the Super Bowl. [MMQB]

This is a link about deep-friend county fair food that is entire amazing or horrifying. Maybe both. [Uproxx]

Brian Cashman told Derek Jeter he’d rather have Troy Tulowtizki (in 2010). [NESN]

Rolling Stone wrote a debate-ready list of the 100 Greatest Songwriters. [Rolling Stone]

“Adrian Peterson’s suspended reality” [ESPN]

The New York Times writes about the future of the Undefeated, which Ryan and Jason touched on last week. [NYT]

26-year-old develops tea bag to turn lite beers into craft beers. [Outside]

Jason Kubel is selling his California house. [Busted Coverage]

Trailer for The Martian … which is three minutes and basically a movie unto itself.

Terrible celebrity interviews.

Mac DeMarco

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