Heisman Race 2015: Don't Forget About Ezekiel Elliott

Heisman Race 2015: Don't Forget About Ezekiel Elliott


Heisman Race 2015: Don't Forget About Ezekiel Elliott

ezekiel elliott

Eyes are on college football’s biggest individual prize. Who will hoist it? Here are the five top candidates.

Leonard Fournette

Rushed for 233 yards on 26 carries against Eastern Michigan. Somehow this is less damage than many expected, considering the fact the Eagles entered the game with the 126th-ranked rushing defense. His numbers at this point are outlandish. The unstoppable sophomore has 63 more yards on the ground than any other player, despite playing one less game than most of the country. It’s reasonable to think his 216 per game average will go down a bit against tougher competition. Then again, it may be unreasonable to think any team is going to be able to bottle him up. The only uncertainty surrounding this weekend is where he’ll be slicing through South Carolina’s defense.

Ezekiel Elliott

Broke touchdown runs of 55, 65 and 75 yards all in the second half to help top-ranked Buckeyes survive another scare against Indiana. Put some garnish on his consistent resume. Not long ago it seemed there’d be too many cooks making the Ohio State offensive stew for one to stand out. Now Elliott has emerged as head chef.

Trevone Boykin

What he did to Texas was borderline mean. In three quarters he threw for five touchdowns before Gary Patterson called off the dogs. Perhaps if the Longhorns had been more focused on defense than tweets about transferring, things would have been different. Just kidding. It would have still been a dismantling. Boykin’s stats continue to swell (1,566 yards passing, 18 touchdowns against two interceptions). And they’ll continue to be grow in a defense-optional Big 12. Allow me, though, to put the Horned Frogs on upset alert this weekend at Kansas State. Got a bad feeling about that game.

Baker Mayfield

Workman-like three-touchdown performance in win over live West Virginia. The sophomore has moxie, which is either loved or loathed but never ignored. His negative rushing output, however, could be concerning if other teams find similar ways to shut it down. The properly maligned Texas D should prove a willing participant in his campaign.

Nick Chubb

Cosmetic 83-yard touchdown scamper was the only ray of sunshine in a dark day against Alabama. May have even lost his status as the second-best SEC candidate to Derrick Henry in his showcase game. Sadly, and perhaps unfairly, could be too late already.

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