Roundup: Death of the Death Penalty; Incredible Star Wars Theory & Jeopardy Confusion Over Auburn & Alabama

Roundup: Death of the Death Penalty; Incredible Star Wars Theory & Jeopardy Confusion Over Auburn & Alabama


Roundup: Death of the Death Penalty; Incredible Star Wars Theory & Jeopardy Confusion Over Auburn & Alabama

Sara Sampaiao, a Victoria’s Secret Model … how an NFL writer lost 125 pounds … car salesman beaten, thrown in the trunk during test drive, but luckily he had his iphone on him … so does North Korea have an H-bomb or not? … Esquire put together a ‘rage’ survey … “Writer Says Cheerleaders Shouldn’t Get Fair Wage Because They ‘Work Closely’ With Rich Players … losery New Jersey couple left their three children in a cold car while they went in a casino to gamble … uncomfortable to watch the TSA pat down a 10-year old girl for nearly two minutes … bright idea: “Hero Restaurateurs Open George Costanza-Themed Bar” … Reggie Bush and his wife went to Mexico, here are some photos … if you like some politics with your drugs, cops and money laundering, this story is for you … “Lenny Kravitz Accused Of Illegal Dentistry In The Bahamas” … I’m obsessed with this Star Wars theory: is Rey Ben Kenobi’s granddaughter? … this is a great headline: “man with a bionic penis will lose his virginity to a dominatrix who ran for parliament” … man in Texas has carved out a nice life providing Bachelor spoilers

My podcast about the sad college football playoff and where Chip Kelly may land this week. Also, interviews with Albert Breer of NFL Network and Danny Kanell, the former FSU QB. [Full 3-hour Show; 40-minute podcast]

Are you ready for MLB Hall of Fame decision day? [Cincinnati Enquirer]

TJ Simers, the former LA Times columnist, had his court case award trimmed from $7.1 million to $0. That’s terrible. [LA Times]

Stanford running back Barry Sanders is going to transfer and will have one year of eligibility as a gradate transfer. [Oklahoman]

Excellent column about Dabo Swinney, who lived with his mom off campus at the University of Alabama. [Yahoo Sports]

Yes, the Cleveland Browns should dump Johnny Manziel. []

Texas A&M is falling apart. Their athletic director, Eric Hyman, has stepped down after 3+ years. [Tex Ags]

A Buffalo Bills fans who tailgates hard has been profiled. [Democrat & Chronicle]

I’m probably alone, but I like DeShaun Watson’s chances of having a good enough game for Clemson to cover. [Campus Rush]

So the Buffalo Bills owner says if Rex Ryan and GM Doug Whaley don’t get to the playoffs next year, they’re both gone? Great way to run a business. [Buffalo News]

Nate Silver, who looks constipated in this photo, says working at the Times was like being at an Ivy League school; being at ESPN is a “very good state school.” [Ad Week]

The death of the death penalty. [Economist]

Keith Frazier has left the SMU basketball team. He was at the center of an NCAA investigation. He was averaging 11.9 ppg. [CBS Sports]

Cool story about Alabama’s “Medical Tent,” which is probably going to catch on in college football. [USA Today]

Floyd Mayweather is crying that there’s racism in boxing and UFC. What he’s missing, is … [J. School]

The War on Football continues: “American football is too dangerous, and it should be abolished.” [Guardian]

CJ Anderson. That had to hurt the DB.

Reggie Ragland. Now that’s a 1st round draft pick.

Confusing Auburn and Alabama on Jeopardy? That’s going to make the rounds.

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