Beats By Dame: Lillard's New Single is Lyrical Genius

Beats By Dame: Lillard's New Single is Lyrical Genius


Beats By Dame: Lillard's New Single is Lyrical Genius


The artist formerly known as Damian Lillard a.k.a. “Dame of Thrones” a.k.a. “Thrillard” a.k.a. “Trillard” a.k.a. “GOD DAME” is not just a star, lights-out shooting point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers — he is now hip-hop/R&B artist “Dame D.O.L.L.A.”.

Earlier this week on Inside the NBA, the program debuted Lillard’s new music video titled “Bigger Than Us” — which touches on some sensitive subjects from police brutality to the Confederate flag. As opposed to a “takedown track”, Dame spits some fire about trying to seek unity through current events in today’s society and the hardest of times. Give it a listen, pretty awesome compared to some of the stuff we’ve heard in the past from NBA players (EH HEM LOOKING AT YOU Steve Francis/Gilbert Arenas/Delonte West).

Ok he may be spittin rhymes from his phone like he a n00b at the 8 Mile Shelter bout to get sent packin by Papa Doc, but, give the man props it was his first video and that track rolled. A couple notable lines I enjoyed:

  • “It’s a two-way street you probably hate to hear, it kinda seem like they strikin’ cause it out of fear”
  • “I see the world from the lens of my own perspective, I see the anger driven by color in a recession — sad to see the reality of our regression”

This isn’t the first time Dame has proven his lyrical genius, and it won’t be the last — he is truly a man of many talents.

I think this recent track warrants the discussion — is Dame the best NBA rapper of all-time?

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