Peyton Manning's Future: Phil Simms Replacement? GOP Presidential Candidate?

Peyton Manning's Future: Phil Simms Replacement? GOP Presidential Candidate?


Peyton Manning's Future: Phil Simms Replacement? GOP Presidential Candidate?

Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos. He has not confirmed his retirement. Though, he was arguably the NFL’s worst quarterback in 2015. He was benched. He turns 40 in March. Now would seem to be the optimal time to walk.

Presuming he does not stay and make things awkward for the Broncos, here are some potential career/life options for him to consider.

Complete Retirement: Manning’s net worth is in the nine figures. He has continued income from 21 Papa John’s franchises. His reportedly performance-enhanced wife should be able to handle odd jobs around the house. There’s really no reason to do much besides drinking a lot of Budweiser in his weird water t-shirt.

TV Analyst/Commercial Pitchman: Basically the “complete retirement” for more than half the year, but with an added seven-figure income. He could be yukking it up on a studio show. He could be a merciful replacement for Phil Simms. Nationwide would remain on his side. Him breaking down Eli would be must-see TV.

Dancing With the Stars: Manning doesn’t need to build his brand. But, the wedding dance floor is the great equalizer. As the video above indicates, Manning could use some work.

Los Angeles Rams Quarterback: The Los Angeles Rams had internal discussions, about how leaking they had internal discussions about acquiring Peyton Manning might boost season ticket demand. Why go out a winner and hero in two cities when you can donate the fumes of your body’s capability to Jeff Fisher while paying the highest taxes in the country?

Coaching: Manning is one of football’s all-time great analytical minds. Second round? He “enjoys teaching football” though ruled out becoming a head coach at Tennessee. But quarterbacks coach might be something. Hard to see him working his way up the tree in the NFL or putting his favorability on the line.

NFL Executive: Things have been a bit chaotic behind the scenes in Indianapolis.  It has worked out alright for Elway.

Hair Plugs: Manning’s forehead has been growing in stature, along with his achievement on the field. He wouldn’t be the first superstar athlete to come back from vacation high and tight with a bit more terrain covered.

Reality TV: The Kardashians turned a porn tape into a nine-figure reality TV empire. Multiple Mannings have real life accomplishments. This shot of Eli could be a three-episode story arc.

The Players’ Tribune: Manning can probably write something reasonable, or employ someone to do that. He’d be in line for at least a Senior Editor role.

GOP Presidential Candidate: Manning is a casual Republican donor. He supported Jeb Bush this campaign cycle. He has a high favorability rating. He’s as qualified as Donald Trump or Ben Carson. He’s proactive behind the scenes. He wouldn’t be the first politician with skeletons. Could “the Sheriff” be the ideal crossover candidate for the GOP establishment to bring the bible belt in line and appeal to moderates in the general election? 2020 seems like a reasonable timeline. Though, if the nomination still isn’t cleared up by the 2016 convention …

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