Jason Whitlock: Miko Grimes Should Be Put on Waivers

Jason Whitlock: Miko Grimes Should Be Put on Waivers


Jason Whitlock: Miko Grimes Should Be Put on Waivers


On FS1’s Speak for Yourself on Tuesday, my boss Jason McIntyre posited that the Bucs should cut Brent Grimes now in order to prevent future inevitable distractions from his wife Miko’s fiery Twitter account. (Earlier this week, she blasted her husband’s former teammate Ryan Tannehill for the umpteenth time, and said that Mike Tannenbaum and Stephen Ross were “Jew buddies.”)

After Colin Cowherd disagreed that Grimes should be cut but said that a warning should be in order, that families should communicate (and that this is not about gender), and that Grimes is a marginal player, Jason Whitlock jumped in. “[Brent Grimes] is better than a marginal player,” he said. “He got ran out of Miami partially because of his wife. He’s made four Pro Bowls. He’s a very good player. The person that needs to be put on waivers is Miko Grimes.”

“As Colin and I discussed [earlier], it doesn’t matter – man or woman in any relationship – your job is not to make your spouse’s, his or her, work life more difficult. That should be rule number 1. ‘Don’t create complications for me on my job.’ What I feel like when I keep seeing her out here on Twitter trying to make a name for herself, she’s using his platform to try to build her own platform.”

The whole segment can be heard here, at the 17:30-mark.

Up to this point Brent Grimes had to have evaluated his relationship with Miko, and decided that its continuance outweighs any impact her social media usage has had on his career.

Nevertheless, the situation in Tampa will be worth monitoring. Though Miko has thus far pledged support for the Bucs organization and quarterback Jameis Winston, if things go south it’s a relatively safe bet there will be shots fired.

Disclosure: This site’s editor-in-chief Jason McIntyre is a contributor to FS1’s Speak for Yourself.

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