Darren Rovell Tastes Tom Brady's Nuts

Darren Rovell Tastes Tom Brady's Nuts


Darren Rovell Tastes Tom Brady's Nuts

Darren Rovell took to Periscope on Thursday to indulge his followers in a treat. The veteran sports business reporter turned the camera on and tasted Tom Brady’s nuts for the whole world to see.

Warning, graphic depictions of a Northwestern jersey and a dude eating another guy’s nuts follows:

Rovell’s review of the way Brady’s nuts taste wasn’t positive. He didn’t seem to be a fan. But hey, at least he went for the gusto and put them in his mouth! That’s more than a lot of you so-called fans have done.

The best part about this video is the complete lack of self-awareness. He says “nuts” what seemed like 300 times. Did he not know this was like the perfect thing for the Internet to mock? I mean, I’m not even going to throw any jokes out there because this is just too easy. At least give me a challenge!

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