NFL Week 1 Bests & Worsts: Mike McCoy Has No Business Being a Head Coach

NFL Week 1 Bests & Worsts: Mike McCoy Has No Business Being a Head Coach


NFL Week 1 Bests & Worsts: Mike McCoy Has No Business Being a Head Coach

Every week, we’ll go through some of the best and worst of the notable Sunday performances. Here they are for week 1.

Hottest Seat: Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers looked great for about three quarters on Sunday, then completely fell apart. The Chargers led the Chiefs 21-3 at the half, 24-3 with 6:02 left in the third and 27-10 with 13:24 to go in the game. They lost 33-27 in overtime. It was an epic collapse.

The responsibility for this loss doesn’t fall on the soft fourth quarter defense, Keenan Allen’s injured knee or Ken Whisenhunt’s late-game playcalling. No, the buck stops with head coach Mike McCoy who should have been fired after a disastrous 2015 season. Instead he coaches on because the Spanos family and general manager Tom Telesco have no idea what they’re doing.

McCoy has no business being a head coach in the NFL. He did an admirable job as Denver’s offensive coordinator, but nothing he has done in his three-plus years as San Diego’s head coach says he deserves his job. This is the fifth time in 13 games the Chargers have lost after leading in the fourth quarter. It’s a problem McCoy doesn’t have an answer for it. It has become an all-too-familiar sight and McCoy should be fired because of it.

Most Impressive Rookie: Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz

Wentz was supposed to be the quarterback in the 2016 draft class that needed a lot of work, while Jared Goff was considered “NFL ready.” Well, Week 1 is in the books for both, as Goff is inactive for the Monday night game, while Wentz was slinging it around the park on Sunday.

Wentz completed 22-of-37 passes (59.4 percent) for 278 yards (7.5 yards per attempt), with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Yeah, he was facing the Browns, but the kid was confident, composed and looked like a future star.

His post-game wardrobe needs some work, however.

Defensive Player of the Week: Leonard Williams, New York Jets

Williams was an absolute stud on Sunday in the Jets 23-22 loss to the Bengals. He had six tackles, 2.5 sacks, two tackles for loss and five quarterback hits. After a solid rookie season, Williams looks like he’s set to dominate this year. The way the 22-year-old USC product is playing there are a number of offensive linemen who would rather block Cthulhu right ow.

Offensive Player of the Week: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

The old man just got a new contract extension and rewarded the Saints with an unbelievable, performance. Brees completed 28-of-42 passes for 423 yards, with four touchdowns and no interceptions in a 35-34 loss to the Raiders.

Randy Fasani Memorial Worst QB Performance: Robert Griffin III, Cleveland Browns

Wait, Randy Fasani is still alive? Are you sure?

Griffin’s much-anticipated debut for the Browns was predictably terrible. RG3 completed 12-of-26 passes (46.2 percent) for 190 yards, with no touchdowns, one interception and a fumble. His quarterback rating was a Ryan Leaf-esque 55.0 and his Total QBR was so horrific my bosses are making me censor it.

Oh and on top of that, Griffin could be out for a while thanks to an injury to his non-throwing shoulder.

Moron of the Week: Terrance Williams, Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant points to sideline against Giants

Terrance Williams ended the game against the Giants when he decided to cut back inside after catching a pass, rather than pressing to the outside and getting out of bounds. Dallas could have tried one more play to get in field goal range, or even attempted what would have been about a 61-yard field goal. Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey had already set a career-long with a 56-yard kick that could have been good from that distance.

Most Helpful Teammate: Jason Peters, Eagles

Guy Who Killed Your Fantasy Team: Keenan Allen, Chargers

Allen had six catches for 63 yards on Sunday, but in an instant fantasy owners across the globe fell to pieces. I didn’t see the play or Allen getting carted off the field as it happened, but I definitely had a sinking feeling something was wrong:

Allen’s likely torn ACL will end a much-anticipated season. Congrats on spending that high pick on him!

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