NFL Week 2 Picks Against the Spread

NFL Week 2 Picks Against the Spread


NFL Week 2 Picks Against the Spread

Lamentably, we’ve got no video or podcast this week. It is on a very brief hiatus and we promise to our legion of loyal followers that it will return next week.

What every game would have come down to was a conversation about whether last week’s occurrences were real or mirages. There also would have been much talk about how my (Ryan’s) picks were worse than fetid trash, and how it’s never good to get into a deep hole with them so early in the season. Let’s hope this week’s go better!

NY Jets (-1) @ Buffalo 

Ryan: Jets

Jason: Jets

Tennessee @ Detroit (-6)

Ryan: Titans

Jason: Titans

Kansas City @ Houston (-2.5)

Ryan: Chiefs

Jason: Chiefs

Miami @ New England (-6.5)

Ryan: Dolphins.

Jason: Pats

Baltimore (-6.5) @ Cleveland

Ryan: Browns.

Jason: Ravens

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-3.5)

Ryan: Bengals.

Jason: Bengals

Dallas @ Washington (-2.5)

Ryan: Cowboys.

Jason: Cowboys

New Orleans @ NY Giants (-5)

Ryan: Saints.

Jason: Saints

San Francisco @ Carolina (-13.5)

Ryan: 49ers.

Jason: Panthers

Tampa Bay @ Arizona (-6.5)

Ryan: Bucs.

Jason: Cardinals

Seattle (-6.5) @ Los Angeles

Ryan: Rams.

Jason: Seahawks

Indianapolis @ Denver (-6)

Ryan: Colts.

Jason: Colts

Atlanta @ Oakland (-5)

Ryan: Falcons.

Jason: Falcons

Jacksonville @ San Diego (-3)

Ryan: Jags.

Jason: Chargers

Green Bay (-2.5) @ Minnesota

Ryan: Vikings.

Jason: Packers

Philadelphia @ Chicago (-3)

Ryan: Eagles.

Jason: Bears


Top Five

Ryan: Chiefs, Falcons, 49ers, Vikings, Bucs

Jason: Packers, Bengals, Jets, Colts, Seahawks

Last week: 

Ryan: 5-10-1 (1-4 Top Five)

Jason: 8-7-1 (2-3 Top Five) 


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