Joey Bosa Will Miss Week 2, His Career Is Off To Awesome Start

Joey Bosa Will Miss Week 2, His Career Is Off To Awesome Start


Joey Bosa Will Miss Week 2, His Career Is Off To Awesome Start

Joey Bosa will miss the San Diego Chargers’ Week 2 matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and still isn’t practicing due to a hamstring injury. After a protracted holdout, Bosa finally returned to the Chargers a few weeks ago, but has yet to really do anything on the field for the Bolts. The Ohio State product’s professional career is off to a rousing start.

Bosa didn’t practice at all this week, and was originally injured the first day he finally showed up to an actual practice after missing nearly all of training camp. Since then he hasn’t hit the field. He’s missed four preseason games, what will now be two regular season games and it’d be a miracle if he got on the field in Week 3.

How bad is it? The Big Lead uses several image archives to find pictures for our posts. The best usable picture with Bosa in Chargers gear we have access to is from the 2016 NFL Draft. That was almost five months ago! The one at the top of this article is from the one day he showed up at practice on August 30. He’s not even in pads and that’s the day he hurt his hamstring. He hasn’t practiced since.

While there was plenty of blame to go around for Bosa’s holdout, I believe the Chargers were unnecessarily intransigent with their demands. They seemed to be against any meeting in then middle or negotiation. At the same time, all of those missed practice reps have clearly impacted Bosa’s development and are endangering his rookie season. The 21-year-old claimed he was working out incredibly hard in Florida during his holdout, but he was clearly not in “football shape” when he finally showed up in San Diego.

No matter whose fault this is, the Chargers and Bosa had better be praying he gets healthy and can make an impact this season. San Diego’s defense needs all the help it can get right now.

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