Roundup: Brad Pitt Cheating Rumors with Marion Cotillard & a 'Hamdog' Looks Nasty

Roundup: Brad Pitt Cheating Rumors with Marion Cotillard & a 'Hamdog' Looks Nasty


Roundup: Brad Pitt Cheating Rumors with Marion Cotillard & a 'Hamdog' Looks Nasty

Romee Strijd, a model … Angelina Jolie got a private eye to spy on Brad Pitt, who was allegedly cheating with Marion Cotillard … “One-Fifth of Californians Living in Poverty” … did media not jump on this story of a man trying to blow up a Houston building because he’s white? … a girl was booted from college for using the N-word on snapchat … guess Gary Johnson doesn’t want anyone’s vote? “I’d close Dept. of Homeland Security” … K-Mart is closing 64 stores around the country … who wants to buy Leo DiCaprio’s $11 million beachfront house in Malibu? … two years ago, the father of the New York City bomber went to police saying his son was a terrorist, but police found nothing … of course this Donald Trump story is important, but aren’t journalists supposed to serve readers and chase awards? … this is what a “Hamdog” is … 

The parallels of Nothing Lasts Forever, starring Rex Ryan, Darrelle Revis and Robert Griffin III. [Full 3-Hour Radio Show; 30-Minute Podcast]

Pretty sad: Glen Rice, the former Michigan star who had a lengthy career in the NBA, is basically broke. [Charlotte Observer]

The buyout for Gus Malzhan is so astronomical – over $13 million – that he’ll probably survive at Auburn. [Montgomery Advertiser]

Very cool story about two former UCLA players from the end of the bench who created a TV show on Comedy Central. [Campus Rush]

Next Town Larry Brown may be taking a high school basketball coaching job on Long Island in New York. [Newsday]

If you’re into juvenile humor, here’s a list of all the lewd-sounding city names in America. [Estately Blog]

Nice piece on Mike Tyson, who is 50 now, and a much better person than he was 15-20 years ago. [SI Longform]

This sounds like the early WNBA: “The NWSL isn’t going away, but it can’t stand still.” []

Texas high school football, where they try to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to building stadiums. [LA Times]

Redskins fans are now unhappy the team didn’t address defensive line issues in the offseason. []

Cam Newton is taking the Michael Jordan approach on social issues, which is a smart move. Here’s why:

Seth Meyers goes after Donald Trump’s birther claims.

Byron Maxwell struggled in Philly last year, and now he’s in Miami, and this happened to him in Week 2.

It’s Kendall Jenner in Vogue Espana.

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