Chargers Rule Joey Bosa Out For Week 3

Chargers Rule Joey Bosa Out For Week 3


Chargers Rule Joey Bosa Out For Week 3

Joey Bosa won’t be playing this weekend either, as the San Diego Chargers have officially ruled him out for their Week 3 contest with the Indianapolis Colts.

Bosa finally practiced in pads this week, but his hamstring injury is still bad enough that he won’t see the field on Sunday. The Chargers need Bosa on the field as soon as possible but they’re obviously not going to rush him back. The Ohio State product should help improve the team’s pass rush and run defense, both of which have been uninspiring during the Bolts’ 1-1 start.

As I said last week, it appears his protracted holdout has had actual football consequences. He’s obviously not in football shape and is in danger of losing a quarter of his rookie season as a result.

The Bosa-Chargers saga should act as a cautionary tale for future rookie negotiations. Both sides share some blame in this, but now both sides are also taking the hit. Bosa is missing out on a chance to develop quickly and even make an impact (which could impact his next contract), and the Chargers are missing out on his production and the chance to develop him into a franchise cornerstone.

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