Conor McGregor Owned The UFC 205 Press Conference

Conor McGregor Owned The UFC 205 Press Conference


Conor McGregor Owned The UFC 205 Press Conference

Conor McGregortook over the UFC 205 press conference in classic Conor McGregor fashion, playing to the boisterous assembled crowd at Madison Square Garden.

McGregor predicted a first-round knockout of lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and owned the dais, and the crowd cheered everything he said.

Video of the full press conference is below, but be warned the language is NSFW:

Some of the best lines from McGregor on the night:

After Alvarez told him to take it easy:

“Or what? Or what? What you gonna do? Or what? You gonna do something over there? Shut your f***ing mouth. I run New York. I run this whole sh*t. And Mystic Mac predicts I’m gonna KO you inside one round.”

When asked how much he’s worth after the $4 billion UFC sale:

“Four-point-two billion.”

When asked what he’d do if he won both title belts:

“I’m gonna wrap one on one shoulder, I’m gonna wrap the other on the other shoulder, and they’re gonna need a f***ing army to come take them belts off me.” the right shoulder and one around the left.”

When asked what it means to fight at Madison Square Garden:

“Listen, the Irish, we built this damn town. I’m serious. We built this city. Now I’m back. Now I’m coming to claim what’s ours, so it’s an honor to be here. Coming in here, listening to all these fans, it truly is a dream come true. I cannot wait to perform for you…The Irish love New York and I’m honored to be here.”

When asked about any lingering effects from his fight with Nate Diaz:

“Listen, that fight was five weeks ago. I came out of that fight fresher than I went in. Look at Nate’s face. Nate will never look the same. I came out brand new, and a bruised foot. I agreed to this fight, 10 days ago I agreed to all of this.”

On Alvarez and facing his style of fighter:

“I’ve been whopping his style, I’ve been whopping that style a long, long time. He’s a stocky, stuffed wrestler with an overhand. That’s it. I’ve been beating these guys up.”

On Alvarez:

“He’s just another broke bum that can’t afford to pay his f***ing bills. And that’s all that is.”

When asked about wrestling being a weakness in his arsenal against Chad Mendes:

“How did that fight go again? Last time I checked he was unconscious, what are you talking about?”

(pointing at Alvarez) “He’s gonna be shooting for his life. But it’s a long 25 minutes in there. I can hit you from anywhere and that’s what’s gonna happen to him. He’s gonna be shooting, panicking and I’m gonna be hitting him from everywhere.

“Sooner or later he’s gonna fall…and that’s all she wrote. Two weight world champion. UFC history. New York. The Irish are back.”

When Jeremy Stephens claimed he’d give McGregor the best fight of anyone on the stage:

“Who the f*** is that guy? Who the f*** is that?

McGregor put on an amazing show. He’s easily the greatest showman in the fight game and he proved that once again on Tuesday. No one sells a fight like Conor McGregor.

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