Roundup: Slate Writes About 'Hot Moms' and Evangelicals Love Donald Trump

Roundup: Slate Writes About 'Hot Moms' and Evangelicals Love Donald Trump


Roundup: Slate Writes About 'Hot Moms' and Evangelicals Love Donald Trump

Bryana Holly, an Instagram-famous model … “Evangelicals, Once Skeptical Of Trump, Have Rallied To His Side” … 80.9 million people watched the Trump/Clinton debate, and PBS hasn’t checked in yet … George Washington men’s basketball has an interim coach … this sort of makes me sad: “Why Americans are Leaving Religion—and Why They’re Unlikely to Come Back” … in the middle of contract negotiations, of course Megyn Kelly and Don Lemon are friends … “U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin” … try to get through this Slate piece on ‘hot moms‘ – good luck …. according to one fact-checker, Donald Trump said 34 false things at the debateKeith Scott, who was shot by Charlotte police, had a stolen gun on him, investigators said …

The King Stays the King in New England – and that’s Bill Belichick. Things change, but he remains the one constant for the Patriots. Also, what is Kevin Garnett’s legacy? And impatient NFL teams in the social media era. [Full 3-Hour Radio Show; 30-Minute Podcast]

This is Ryan Howard’s last week with the Phillies. What’s his legacy in Philadelphia? []

Longtime sportswriter Roger Angell reveals who is getting his vote. [New Yorker]

Fun story about being in the room with Stephen Colbert while he was preparing for his post-debate show Monday night. [NYT]

Terrence Newman of the Vikings on America’s bleak outlook: “moving toward another civil rights war — literally, black and white and Mexican and Asian, everybody’s going to be fighting against each other.” [Star Tribune]

Former Clemson receiver Adam Humphries is starting to become one of Jameis Winston’s favorite targets in Tampa Bay. [Joe Bucs Fan]

“Can You Be a Feminist and Still Love the NFL?” [Marie Claire]

Preseason isn’t here yet, but Derrick Rose’s year with the Knicks is already being deemed a disaster because of his court case. [NYDN]

As someone who hasn’t followed baseball closely in the last few years, I can’t stop reading about Jose Fernandez. [Sun Sentinel]

These Les Miles landing spots are silly. He’ll wait a year and then land at Michigan when Jim Harbaugh bails for the NFL. [Fansided]

Can I make “WRONG” my alarm clock wake-up ring?

This man’s best friend is a Kangaroo.

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