Tim Tebow Plays Baseball the Right Way

Tim Tebow Plays Baseball the Right Way


Tim Tebow Plays Baseball the Right Way

Everyone is rightly freaking out over Tim Tebow hitting a home run on the first pitch he saw in the Instructional League. He couldn’t have scripted a better start to his baseball career. But what’s really important to purists like myself is that he’s respecting the game.

Look at the way he sprinted out of the batter’s box. That’s a guy who was smelling extra bases and wasn’t about to be caught loafing or admiring his shot. Notice the way he didn’t flip his bat or show up the pitcher. You can’t teach class and this guy has it in droves.

Pay careful attention to the way he incorporated his teammates into the magical moment. Instead of beating his own chest he celebrated with them like a true professional who understands baseball is a team sport.

He probably would have offered to retrieve the ball if it were necessary.

Tebow mastery of the little things is just as impressive as his opposite-field homer. Great to see him playing the game the right way. Guy has a bright future.


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