Tyronn Lue: Kevin Garnett Could Join Cavs Coaching Staff

Tyronn Lue: Kevin Garnett Could Join Cavs Coaching Staff


Tyronn Lue: Kevin Garnett Could Join Cavs Coaching Staff

Tyronn Lue is fresh off winning an NBA title in his first season as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a great year for Lue, and now he might give fans in Cleveland another reason to love him: he’s trying to convince Kevin Garnett to join his coaching staff.

On Thursday, Lue told Cleveland.com he’s been talking to Garnett about joining the Cavs staff for a while and The Big Ticket’s wife is even on board with the idea:

“I talked to him about it,” Lue said Thursday, following the Cavs’ practice. “I know his wife is pushing for it a lot. Brandi is pushing for it, trying to get him to come and coach. He says he’s not ready yet. He goes back, ‘I might do it,’ but he’s back and forth. We’ll see.

“But I’d definitely make a spot for him if he wanted to come back and coach. […] He says he’ll be around a lot. We’ll see.”

Lue was an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics under Doc Rivers while Garnett was there and they obviously have a close relationship. It wouldn’t be surprising if they wound up collaborating again.

Garnett just officially retired from the NBA last week, so he might need some time to adjust to his post-playing career. That said, it’s hard to see a guy with his competitive drive being away from basketball for long.

Purely from an entertainment perspective I’m praying this happens. Could you imagine the crazy-intense Garnett in a suit on the Cavs bench trying to fire up LeBron James? Or firing out trash talk at opponents while also charting plays with a clipboard? Dear sweet basketball gods, please make this happen.

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