Colts LB Trent Cole Fires Back at Reggie Wayne

Colts LB Trent Cole Fires Back at Reggie Wayne


Colts LB Trent Cole Fires Back at Reggie Wayne

The Colts are 1-3. When that happens, especially with a team that has a quarterback like Andrew Luck, the knives come out. Former longtime wide Colts receiver Reggie Wayne is now an analyst on NFL Network, and he took issue to some of the blame Luck is getting, and pointed the finger at the front office. Via the Indianapolis Star:

I honestly think Andrew Luck is playing pretty good despite some of the O-line woes that they’re having. A lot of people are wanting to criticize Andrew Luck instead of what I think the big problem is. I think that big problem  is a lot of their front office decisions. It’s draft picks, or it’s free agent pickups. They’ve missed on a lot of guys. In free agency, they got a LaRon Landry and got rid of Antoine Bethea, who was a Pro Bowler. That was a swing and a miss. Arthur Jones hasn’t found his way in there yet. They have Trent Cole, who’s now out (with an injury). He hasn’t given them anything.

Cole took exception to this, and responded on Facebook:

So far this season, Cole has appeared in two games. He has no sacks and less than two tackles. Cole is right that we don’t really know what was schematically expected of him, and his contract isn’t massive or anything, but by the same token we can safely say he’s not setting the world on fire.

In aggregate, Wayne is right that the Colts’ front office has not aptly built the franchise around Andrew Luck. The offensive line is porous and might get him maimed. It would be a shame if this causes his prime to be wasted.

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