Mike McCoy, Chargers Sink To New Low In Week 5

Mike McCoy, Chargers Sink To New Low In Week 5


Mike McCoy, Chargers Sink To New Low In Week 5

Mike McCoy and his San Diego Chargers did it again on Sunday. They completely fell apart late and handed an easy win to their opponents. This time, the culprit was rookie punter and holder Drew Kaser. But as always, the fault sits with the head coach.

Trailing the Oakland Raiders 34-31 with just over two minutes left in the game, the Bolts had fourth and 1 at Oakland’s 18-yard line. Rather than be bold and go for that extra yard on fourth down, Mike McCoy kept it conservative and sent out his field goal kicker to tie the game. What should have been a routine 35-yard field goal instead turned to disaster.


That was a perfect snap, but everything after that was a perfect summation of San Diego’s 1-4 season thus far. I can’t blame Kaser, even though the long-beloved Mike Scifres is sitting at home unemployed right now. The kid never had a chance because the Chargers are cursed. As I’ve stated many times, God clearly hates the San Diego Chargers.

Clearly McCoy was apoplectic over the loss. His visible anger at the defeat should warm the hearts of Chargers fans who think he’s completely devoid of any emotion or fire:

Mike McCoy shows zero emotion after Chargers fumble on FG against Raiders

I swear the guy is a jar of mayonnaise come to life.

Now, did McCoy make Kaser drop that snap? Nope. And he didn’t make two players fumble in key situations last Sunday either. But when a team continually screws up the little things winning teams do well, the coaching staff is to blame. Always. Without exception.

Hey Philip Rivers, what do you think the reaction to this loss is going to be when you arrive back in San Diego?

Philip Rivers says a little prayer as he takes the field before Chargers fumble against Raiders

Don’t even try to talk to him Philip, as I said, he clearly hates your team.

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