Jim Harbaugh Orders Milk at Restaurants

Jim Harbaugh Orders Milk at Restaurants


Jim Harbaugh Orders Milk at Restaurants

You already knew Jim Harbaugh was weird, but wait til you get a load of this:

He apparently drinks milk at steakhouses.

There’s a weird thing about milk. It’s wonderful and nutritious and life sustaining. I drink it all the time. Crave it, even. But I never order it at restaurants. Nobody does. No good reason for that. I just know it’s weird.

But Jim Harbaugh doesn’t care. Jim Harbaugh is weird.

The Michigan coach was out for steaks to take advantage of a promotion at Ruth’s Chris that connected a discount on food to the margin of victory for the Michigan football team.

Michigan beat Rutgers 78-0 last week, leading many Michiganders to believe steaks would be 78 percent off. Ruth’s Chris later clarified the savings were capped at 50 percent, but that’s still a bargain.

There’s nothing like washing down a big juicy steak with a tall glass of cold milk.

Careful not to confuse this with milk steak, though. That’s a little different.

Something tells me Harbaugh has tried this.

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