Michael Bisping Rips Brock Lesnar In Expletive-Filled Rant

Michael Bisping Rips Brock Lesnar In Expletive-Filled Rant


Michael Bisping Rips Brock Lesnar In Expletive-Filled Rant

Michael Bisping is the UFC middleweight champion and is fresh off a unanimous decision win over Dan Henderson at UFC 204. Before that fight over the weekend, Bisping went on WWE legend Ric Flair’s podcast, and was asked about Brock Lesnar. Bisping — long an advocate of getting drugs out of mixed martial arts — did not hold back.

Here’s what the Brit had to say about Lesnar after he failed two drug tests in the lead up to his fight with Mark Hunt at UFC 200:

“How tough do you think Brock Lesnar is? Listen I respect any man that steps into the octagon because it takes balls. But if you have to go in there and take steroids to do it? F–k you, you cocky son of a b—h. Kiss my ass. I will knock Brock Lesnar out with one f—ing punch. I will take him and throw him out of the octagon like the pussy that he is. Am I making myself clear? F–k Brock Lesnar! F–k steroids! F–k all you f—ing f—-ts that want to come in here and take steroids. Am I making myself clear? I apologize for using that word, I shouldn’t have said that. But, steroids have destroyed the sport and anyone that takes them, kiss my ass.”

“He’s a big son of a b—h but as I said. Real men don’t cheat in a real fight. In your world you have to look good, you have to be big and it’s expected for the audience. You guys good for you, good for you. In a real fight we shouldn’t be cheating and taking steroids.”

Damn Michael, drop the mic.

Bisping is right that steroids users do cheapen the sport. And if a clean fighter faces a doped-up fighter, he’s at a decided disadvantage. Bisping knows that first hand. He’s lost fights to Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen, who tested positive for banned substances, and Wanderlei Silva, who refused a drug test, which counts as a positive test. It makes sense that Bisping would be a tad sensitive to someone using illegal substances in the ring.

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