Roundup: Geno Smith vs Ryan Fitzpatrick; Colin Kaepernick Protest Masking 49ers Stench

Roundup: Geno Smith vs Ryan Fitzpatrick; Colin Kaepernick Protest Masking 49ers Stench


Roundup: Geno Smith vs Ryan Fitzpatrick; Colin Kaepernick Protest Masking 49ers Stench

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 14: Emmanuelle Chriqui attends Variety's Power of Women Luncheon 2016 at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on October 14, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Emmanuelle Chriqui, from Entourage … what to eat while watching these TV shows this Fall … “Drunk man playing Pokémon Go told cops he was robbed” … will this Tijuana condo boom turn the city into the new San Diego? … “Bag of human remains found in vacant Cleveland lot” … this is something about Nickleback shaming, which exists? … imagine finding out a Cobra enthusiast lived in your neighborhood … would a Hillary Clinton win kill the 2-party system … Disney passed on buying twitter because of “image” issues … couple weeks old, but if you have Comcast as your internet provide, take a glimpse of this … you know ABC planted this negative item about NBC paying talent it let go early from contracts … “Kap’s protest taking away attention from how bad the 49ers really are” … 

I like James Harden a lot, but all this hype about being bullish on his 2016 season seems exaggerated. [Houston Press]

Other than all the fumbles, Sam Darnold has been terrific or USC. [Fox Sports]

Good to be back on the radio, and here’s my podcast about the lack of NFL villains, the media-created Durant/Westbrook feud, and being on team Dak Prescott [Fox Sports Radio, Full Show; 30-Minute Best of Podcast]

No, Danny Ainge can’t take the Celtics where he wants without a star. [Ringer]

“Billy Bush and the New Ethics of Entertainment Journalism.” [Hollywood Reporter]

The Packers, with Eddie Lacy banged up and James Starks injured, have traded for Knile Davis of the Chiefs. [KC Star]

Warning, this is terribly depressing: Kalief Browder was jailed for three years  after being accused of stealing backpack. He ended up hanging himself after getting out of jail. His mom had a heart attack over the weekend and died. [NYDN]

Enjoyed this: How “Hail Mary” become a college football story. I still remember where I was for the Doug Flutie pass. [Newsweek]

So we’re calling JR Smith the NBA’s most “unpredictable talent” now? I like Smith, but that seems like a stretch. [New Yorker]

Of course this woman wanted to be “chokeslammed” through a table on her birthday. She’s a Jets fan. That’s what we all want! [Busted Coverage]

“I’m not OK with kids getting robbed while they put themselves at risk of injury, the NCAA making incentives against a college education, or institutional greed bankrupting younger generations of their role models.” [Swimming World Magazine]

Just say no to Geno.

Oh yeah, Warriors preseason highlights.

Really enjoyed watching this show growing up. My parents even watched it with me.

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