Geno Smith Starting Means Todd Bowles May Get Fired at the End of This Season

Geno Smith Starting Means Todd Bowles May Get Fired at the End of This Season


Geno Smith Starting Means Todd Bowles May Get Fired at the End of This Season

After the Jets lost to the Cardinals, 28-3, to fall to 1-5 on the season, here’s what Todd Bowles said about his backup QB, Geno Smith, who was pacing the sidelines and upset that he wasn’t playing:

Bowles said he didn’t think anything of Smith’s antics on the sideline, and when asked what he thought of the quarterback’s “antsy” comment, the coach said, “I don’t have any thoughts on a backup player saying anything. They’re backups for a reason, and if they get a chance to play, they better prove themselves to be worthy of playing, regardless of who the person is.”

That was Monday night. On Tuesday, the coach began to backtrack from his disparaging remarks about a “backup player.” By Wednesday morning, the Jets owner, Woody Johnson was reaching out to the media to tell them that nobody’s job is in trouble. That’s often referred to as the dreaded vote of confidence. (Want worse news? Monday morning, the owner was using the media to let everyone know he wasn’t happy. Woody Johnson has never been a stable, sane owner.)

So the boss says he’s not happy, the team gets drubbed 28-3, the coach blasts the annoying, terrible, backup QB and then names said “backup player” the starter?



This is another embarrassment for a franchise synonymous with them. Just another cluster that fans have to deal with on a team going nowhere, fast. Last year’s 10-6 is a distant memory, and the future looks grim for everyone involved.

Especially Todd Bowles, who is going to be coaching for his job over the next 10 games.

A 1st time head coach who used to be known as a defensive wizard has the Jets 28th in defensive yards per play (6.1 allowed). After seven sacks of Andy Dalton in the season opener, the Jets fearsome front has five sacks in the last five games combined. They’re tied for last in interceptions with two. The secondary ranks 31st in allowing opposing QBs to complete 71% of passes, average 8.8 yards per attempt and permitting a QB rating of 114.7.

Yes, this is a guy coaching for his job because the Jets tried to rebuild on the fly – which wasn’t a bad idea at the time, and worked last year – and they’ve faceplanted this year. Can a defensive coach develop young QBs Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg? The offensive coordinator is 64-year old Chan Gailey.

It’s a disaster, and what’s the point of bringing Todd Bowles back if the team wins three games, and in the offseason must sort out the aging, expensive core of Brandon Marshall, Nick Mangold, Darrell Revis, David Harris and matt forte? (A deeper dive into that issue can be found here.)

Geno Smith – a guy who played in 30 games in 2013 and 2014 and threw 34 interceptions and lost seven fumbles – is not a better option than Ryan Fitzpatrick. If he was, the Jets would have never signed Fitzpatrick in the offseason.

Of course Fitzpatrick has been bad this season. That’s who he is! Good one year, bad the next. It’s why he’s been a journeyman QB. Still, he was their best option coming into this season.

The thing is, his teammates have his back despite the 11 interceptions. Brandon Marshall, a guy who complained in Denver, Miami, and Chicago, went so far as to defend Fitzpatrick’s interception Monday night, taking full blame!

Still, why would anyone want Geno Smith at QB? You don’t have to be in that locker room to know that nobody has faith in him, and few respect him. We’re talking about a guy who refused to pay a teammate $600 he owed him, and shouted in the middle of the locker room, “what are you going to do about it?” and then got his jaw broken.

Some leader that guy is.

Good luck, Jets.

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