Steve Bartman Wants Nothing to Do with Any of This

Steve Bartman Wants Nothing to Do with Any of This


Steve Bartman Wants Nothing to Do with Any of This

The Cubs are in the World Series, which means the newspapers are out looking for Steve Bartman quotes, players are suggesting Steve Bartman throw out a first pitch at a Cubs game, and it seems clear now that 13 years after Bartman’s fateful encounter with Moises Alou, Cubs fans are ready to embrace him.

Thing is, though? Bartman isn’t interested in that. He spoke to the New York Post through friend/spokesman, and said he’s rooting for the Cubs but just wants to be left alone.

“What’s his greatest wish?” Murtha said. “That this would go away and fade into the sunset.”

Certainly this is understandable. The way Bartman was treated after blowing everything for the Cubs interfering with a foul ball in the 2003 NLCS, you can hardly blame him for wanting to stay out of the spotlight.

But on the other hand, he’s going to be pestered about this every couple of years for the rest of his life. There’s always going to be a reporter or a documentarian or even a representative of the Chicago Cubs bringing this up again, and he might be able to achieve his goal of fading into the background if he’d just come out one time and let everyone see him and hear him and put it in the past.

Jason Kipnis, the Indians second baseman who grew up in Chicago rooting for the Cubs, said, “We have a joke: The only thing I’m mad at Bartman for is missing an easy fly ball.”

Kipnis thinks the Cubs should make it up to Bartman for the years of abuse he endured since that fateful game, when fans would send him death threats and police cars would sit outside his house.

“I would love to see him throw out a first pitch,” he said. “Everyone would go nuts.”

Maybe some day.

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