Luol Deng Says Brandon Ingram Will Be Great For A Long Time

Luol Deng Says Brandon Ingram Will Be Great For A Long Time


Luol Deng Says Brandon Ingram Will Be Great For A Long Time

Brandon Ingram was drafted to be the future of the Los Angeles Lakers. When the franchise selected him with the second pick in the 2016 NBA Draft it was with an eye towards what the 19-year-old will eventually become. Consider one veteran teammate of Ingram’s convinced of his greatness.

luol deng believes Ingram will be “a great player in this league for many years.” Deng made the comments after Tuesday’s practice on the eve of Ingram’s first professional game. Here’s his full statement:

Deng was brought in as a free agent this offseason for his leadership ability and to be a mentor to the Lakers’ young core. He’ll likely spend a lot of time playing the position Ingram will eventually inherit. It’s clear from this video the veteran forward has been impressed with his understudy and what he brings to the table.

This year could be a rough one for Ingram. As stated, he’s just 19 and he still needs to get stronger to stand up to the grind of an NBA season. The thing is, from watching his limited preseason minutes, it’s already clear he’ll eventually be a star.

Ingram consistently displays next-level instincts on the court. He’s an outstanding defender, a willing rebounder and makes smart decisions on both ends of the court. As he gets older and becomes more experienced, the Duke product is going to be a joy to watch. Ingram also has one of the softest jump shots I’ve ever seen. Seriously, the thing floats like it’s resting on a cloud.

Ingram, Deng and the young Lakers may not be good this year, but they should be a lot of fun to watch.

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