Tim Tebow Is All About #1

Tim Tebow Is All About #1


Tim Tebow Is All About #1

What was Tim Tebow thinking? Seriously, what was he thinking? Tebow has led us to believe that he’s a leader, but when the time came for him to step up this weekend, he backed down and let Savanna E. Collins get run over by Roquan Smith on the sideline during the Florida – Georgia game.

How is he not protecting Collins in that situation? He saw Smith coming and he just got out of the way. I mean, make an effort! Protect the smaller media member. Are you kidding me? We all know that when an athlete comes at you full speed, you’re supposed to throw yourself in front of any women that could be in danger. That’s a fact.

He’s aware of what’s going on. He is the most prepared person possible to take on a linebacker on a football field. He just got out of the way and left her on her own.

You see this large human being coming at you. I mean, it’s like that episode of Seinfeld. You know the one. Yeah. Get real! If you wonder why Tebow isn’t on a football team, it’s obviously because he’s not a team player.

The worst part? Collins gave Tebow credit even though it was Smith who helped her up. And that was while a cheerleader was helping Tebow keep his balance.

So not only did Tebow shirk his duty as a man, he got the credit due to another person. It’s a sad day for chivalry.

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