Nelson Agholor Now Realizes It's Important To Catch The Ball

Nelson Agholor Now Realizes It's Important To Catch The Ball


Nelson Agholor Now Realizes It's Important To Catch The Ball

Nelson Agholor apparently realized it’s important not to drop the football. After the Philadelphia Eagles dropped six passes during their loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, Agholor didn’t seem to care much about his unit’s performance. That’s now changed.

After Sunday night’s game, Agholor said the following about drops:

“No one’s perfect. I don’t look at no drops, that type of (stuff). I’m tired of hearing it. It’s stupid. We play football. I dropped the first one. I ain’t dropped one after that. What does it matter?”

After Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said he was “disappointed” with Agholor’s response earlier in the week, the receiver has changed his tune. Agholor apologized for those comments on Wednesday:

“I apologize for that. I don’t want that to be the case, especially to the teammates I have in this locker room because I don’t want them to ever think my missed plays or missed opportunities aided a loss. They all do. That’s why you limit those.”

He continued:

“I’ve struggled at times. I’ve usually been better at that in the past. What I must do is return to focusing on my teammates and this organization. I love our fans, and I know they have a lot of passion. I love everybody in the city and they want to see wins, and that’s why demand is high excellence. I respect that.”

The Eagles have the NFL’s highest drops percentage this season (6.6), and rank fourth in the NFL with 15 total drops. dorial green-beckham has an NFL-worst drops percentage of 12.9, while Jordan Matthews has dropped 9.1 percent of his targets, which is fifth-worst.

Agholor isn’t close to the worst on his team in terms of drops, but he needs to realize they are a problem and maybe start paying attention to them. He actually had a key early drop against Dallas that prevented a drive from continuing.

The Eagles receivers need to do all they can to help rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, and that starts with catching the balls thrown to them.

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