Counterpoint: Bill Belichick Should Not Be Fired

Counterpoint: Bill Belichick Should Not Be Fired


Counterpoint: Bill Belichick Should Not Be Fired

Yesterday, someone on the internet actually wrote that Bill Belichick should be fired. I can’t believe that I even have to defend coach Belichick on this one, but here we are: he should not be fired. At best, he should be on the hot seat a year from now, knowing that if he does not get off to a 7-1 start again, he might get a stern warning.

But let’s go through this idiot’s points, line by line.

Bill Belichick traded Jamie Collins to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a 3rd round pick earlier this week. The move was a surprise to many, but anyone who has ever worked for the New England Patriots knows, it was a brilliant move to get rid of a Pro Bowler on the 3rd ranked defense in the NFL. Or was it?

Can’t disagree with anything here.

Are Tom Brady and a flukey 7-1 start masking the fact that Belichick is losing the confidence of New England players and fans? It sure seems like it. Take it from Sports Illustrated‘s Greg Bedard:

In the wake of the Patriots’ shocking trade of linebacker Jamie Collins to the Cleveland Browns on Monday, it’s now Super Bowl or bust for New England.

There were small rumblings of discontent last year after a series of questionable moves (poor coaching in New England’s Week 13 loss to Philadelphia) cost the Patriots home-field advantage in the playoffs, which likely helped swing the AFC Championship Game in favor of the Broncos. But if New England again fails to win the Lombardi Trophy this season, even the most ardent “In Bill We Trust” droids will question the recent defensive moves made by Patriots coach/demigod Bill Belichick, leading to thoughts that were once considered heresy: has the 64-year-old Hall-of-Famer-in-waiting started to lose his touch?

Quoting someone else who says it’s “Super Bowl or Bust,” that there are “rumblings of discontent”, and that Belichick “has started to lose his touch”? That’s fine. But if this guy goes any further, it’s gonna be pitchfork time.

Every one knows that a common tactic of someone completely serious about a topic is to point out the modest proposals from someone else, and jack them up a thousand notches.

Not only did the Patriots lose in week 13, but they dropped 4 of their final 6 games last season. Of course, those losses weren’t the first signs that Belichick had lost his touch.

Oh boy, here we go.

Bill Belichick trying to quiet the crowd

The Patriots won 12 games four season in a row – failing to improve their record at any point. Say what you will about Jeff Fisher, but his teams have improved their records year-over-year twice this decade and the 2016 Rams are headed for another improved record.

Okay, this is just dumb. People evaluate the best coaches not on whether they suddenly improve a team, but on how consistently good they are. Just look at the coach of the year awards we give out. They always go to the real best coaches, like Dick Jauron and Bill Belichick. And if we are being perfectly honest here, Bill Belichick also never unimproved the Patriots record over the last four years. Jeff Fisher teams have gotten worse four times over the last decade. Four! Oh, and Bill Belichick once beat Jeff Fisher 59-0.

The Patriots have won just one Super Bowl in the past decade. That’s 90% of their seasons where they didn’t win the Super Bowl. A 10% success rate isn’t very good. The Cleveland Browns have won 31% of their games in that span.

It’s hard to win a Super Bowl. The Browns haven’t even won one, ever. The Giants have only won two in the last decade. You cannot compare Super Bowl win rates to regular season win percentage. This would be like comparing how many “wins” a starting pitcher has to how many wins the Knicks have.

Sure, Belichick has the Patriots off to a 7-1 start this season, but the team was just 3-1 without Tom Brady. Now they’re 4-0 with Tom Brady and the franchise quarterback is in the MVP discussion. The Patriots have never won a title without Tom Brady and they missed the playoffs in 2008 when Brady missed the season. So who really deserves the credit in New England?

Matt Cassel was the quarterback in 2008. I’ve seen Matt Cassel play a lot of football. Going 11-5 might have been Bill Belichick’s best coaching job after Brady’s injury. Has this guy ever watched football?

And don’t forget Belichick’s long history of cheating scandals. SpyGate, DeflateGate, accusations of headset tampering, trying to trade injured or retiring players. Sad!

How could we forget? Bozos like this don’t let us forget.

Bill Belichick looking at TJ Ward after Gronkowski injury

Has Belichick “lost his touch?” It’s unclear if he ever really had it. It’s obvious that the only way for the Patriots to keep moving forward is to fire Bill Belichick. Don’t let the best record in football, 15 consecutive winning seasons, five straight trips to the AFC Championship Game and 4 Super Bowl victories fool you. Belichick is a man whose only plan should be retirement.

He has the best record in football, 15 consecutive winning seasons, five straight trips to the AFC Championship Game and 4 Super Bowl victories. I mean, it’s like this guy is making the own argument against him. Does he even know how to argue? You clearly don’t do this if you are serious.

BILL BELICHICK SHOULD NOT BE FIRED. I think it’s fair to ask, as some have in the Facebook comments accompanying this sad article, if the writer should be fired.

I think that is an excellent idea, except I hear rumor that his managing editor accidentally sent incriminating pictures to this clown at 3 a.m. once, and he has pictures. That’s the only thing that can explain what is going on here. But don’t worry, he will be forced to take off this afternoon and think about what he has done.

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